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Telecom Refund

A telecom refund otherwise known as found revenue located within telecom billing errors, telecom agreements, telecom contracts, telecom taxes, surcharges and telecom services. The telecom refunds are getting harder to obtain every year. Moreover, there is a need for locating historical telecom refunds early to obtain maximum recovery. Telecom contracts and agreements have clauses that in some cases limit the term of recovery.

So, filing a telecom dispute as early as possible with the service provider is a must. Furthermore, it’s not an easy task to discover, and recover telecom refunds inside your business telecom invoices. Mistakes in telecom invoices occur frequently within most contracts, especially those telecom agreements renewed for many terms that include a number of addendums. Add to that changes of services over the years make billing mistakes even more difficult to track. Mistakes, and overcharges are prevalent across all telecom expenses; wired, VOIP, data, and wireless invoices. Above all, knowing telecom refunds may exist in your business telecom expense, is the first step toward found revenue.

Taking Control of Telecom Expense and Refunds

If you have a telecom manager, or telecom IT department, or IoT team, Auditel can provide telecom training. However, depending on the size of your telecom spend including wireless digital data spend, and network spend, this telecom refund project could take years. Since the IT department maybe stretched so thin, they can’t usually devote time to investigate historical bills. IT management are usually overworked and tasked with so many jobs. Telecom managers don’t normally have extra time in their schedule to locate the telecom invoices or the time to conduct a full telecom inventory investigation on telecom services, telecom tariff, or taxes.

Taking The First Step and Ask Your IT Department / Telecom Management Questions

Ask your IT department for a recent telecom inventory. Check to see if fire alarm lines, elevator lines, security, and credit card machines or any modems for equipment like refrigeration or gas exist.If this is updated to the month chances are your team is doing all they can to monitor your telecom expenses. But they can only do so much without telecom expense management training along with years of tariff and tax experience.Starting the telecom expense management project without a validated telecom inventory will make obtaining a wireless refund (or any telecom related refund or recovery) very difficult. Your business needs a full telecom expense management audit including refund tax, tariff, with complete telecom service and network analysis. However, depending on the size of your telecom spend, this telecom refund project could be something that is put on the bottom of the list unless you opt to contact Auditel.

So, just reviewing historical bills to find overcharges isn’t enough. We locate tariff mistakes, contract violations, and non-compliances within corporate telecom contract agreements. But locating a billing error isn’t the harder part! That comes from the time it takes filing the telecom dispute, and claiming the refunds. There are twists and turns in filing a telecom dispute. But telecom knowledge brings the refunds. The telecom dispute process tracking takes up a lot of time. Monitoring the dispute from finding, through to completion can take weeks of daily calling and follow up. Consequently, large refunds over $100K can take a few months to obtain. Auditel can expedite maximum recovery, giving your business maximum control over your telecom expenses. With a full telecom audit we deliver our findings dashboard, which includes findings for wired services, data, VOIP, wireless, network, and more along with complete account and service inventory.

Telecom Refunds on Tariff, Taxes and More

Within telecom refund investigations, we locate tariff mistakes, and contract non-compliance as well. Therefore, locating a billing error is not just tariff and tax investigation it’s much deeper than all that. If you have never seen or heard of a telecom, data, wireless, VOIP, or phone billing error, how can you possibly find it? Auditel has been in telecom expense management business 27 years and we know experience is critical. Without it, there is no one book to read to outline all the telecom refunds available.

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Recently we found an error that had never been brought to AT&T and they had to create new forms for our finding.

Finding Telecommunication Refunds Isn’t Simple

How can your telecom manager find tax mistakes or tariff violations without advanced telecom training?

Some refunds won’t be obtained without deep tariff knowledge and telecom tax training. The deeper historical telecom refunds require years of bill auditing knowledge, not just common sense applications.  If telecom audits were simple, everyone would do them. That’s what we tell our students on the first day of telecom training.  If you are looking for that silver bullet, you won’t find it here. The larger refunds do require deeper knowledge. Surprisingly, these telecom refunds remain hidden within your telecom invoices. The larger refunds require a lot of drill down calculations and have many factors. If your telecom team is like most, they are busy keeping your services operational and functioning properly. They are constantly adding new locations, new equipment, and working on core jobs.

$125M in Refunds from Wireless, VOIP, telecom, data, and more

Auditel has a proven track record for historical telecom refunds and delivering superior telecom recovery. Since technology is dynamic and constantly changing, Auditel has the bandwidth and infrastructure to manage and reduce your telecom expense. We also build in policy to protect your telecom services. We have the telecom knowledge needed to uncover the large refunds to bring your business maximum refunds.

What is needed for maximum telecom refunds?

Accurate telecom records and maintaining updated telecom orders is key for telecom refunds and for telecom management. Telecom inventory, contract compliance review, telecom service optimization, and researching telecom service infrastructure will increase telecom refunds.

What percentage of telecom bills can contain telecom billing errors and possible refunds?

CFO magazine reported (based on research by Aberdeen) that telecom service expenses are in error at a staggering 7% to 12% of spend; a figure resulting in $8 Billion dollars a year in lost profits for Fortune 500 companies alone. Another study from Gartner found that 85% of telecom invoices have billing errors.

Why can’t our AP department get us telecom refunds and savings?

Many organizations make an effort to locate errors in their telecom invoices and claim telecom refunds. This is typically done by the Accounts Payable (AP) department. But this review is a tedious and time-consuming task, and frankly, this isn’t the core job for the AP department personnel. Although many corporations think AP is taking care of reviewing telecom expenses. Most AP managers have never had any telecom expense management training. Yet, AP is often called on to talk with the telecom providers regarding tariff, taxes, or billing mistakes. They are usually so understaffed that it’s a huge job just paying the monthly telecom billings before late fees occur.

Check for Telecom Refunds First

What should we do if we are moving our telecom services to a new service provider?

First thing we would recommend is to get a telecom refund audit conducted immediately on the services you are moving before cancelling the old service provider billing. CEO, CFOs, and Telecom Managers could put this at the top of the next project to do list before the old services are cancelled.  It’s best to have a refund audit conducted by professionals who have no relationship with telecom service providers.  Auditel is unbiased and has no relationship with any service providers and receives no commission from any of them.

What type of business needs a historical telecom refund audit?

We’ve found that corporate mergers and acquisitions (those with high number of office moves, and changes), have higher telecom billing errors.  These business require more telecom management.  More telecom investigation will bring more telecom disputes for historical telecom recovery. Above all, telecom contracts and all addendums including terms and conditions need to be analyzed. Telecom contract review will ensure your business is protected. This review can help your business receives the same contract discounts for all like services.

Are telecom contracts changing?

Most telecom service agreements (wired, data, and wireless service contracts) last one, two, or three years. The provisions in some of the older contracts are becoming outdated due to changes in technology.

Data infrastructure is constantly changing with new services constantly added increasing telecom capabilities. Many companies opt to work on their own contract review until they cause telecom penalties. Talk with other business and discover information about Auditel.  We capture highest telecom refunds no complaints.

What process does Auditel follow to get historical telecom refunds?

Auditel reviews your telecom contracts analyzing all addendum’s, legal terms and conditions, service outages, network utilization, and protection clauses to locate whether service and security clauses exist.

What does telecom contract analysis involve?

With our telecom contract review we will ferret out all of your Service Agreements, telecom contracts, and addendum’s both new and expired.  We will conduct a full investigation into your service requirements, usages, and ensure your services are in line with your contractual commitments. Additionally, we can recommend any further contract language required to amend your telecom agreements.  This can give your business added security and telecom savings.

What results can I expect from an internal telecom refund audit?

We haven’t witnessed great success in telecom refunds from employees without telecom training experience. After all, employees without serious telecom knowledge can create penalties and extra expense along with loss of telecom refunds. We’ve found that most times if an employee does continue to identify the refund, they lose interest in the telecom dispute.  While other employees may file the telecom dispute, and yet forget to monitor them to completion. We’ve seen it time and again, employees get busy with their daily routine. By no fault of their own, employees can’t put off their daily business core job. Although the telecom refund process can take four weeks, sometimes larger refunds take months.

Realizing Telecom Refunds Requires Dedication, Stamina, Education, and Experience

Although negotiating the telecom refund for overcharges with telecom vendors is tedious, it’s also sometimes frustrating. Telecom audits require time and can always become a lengthy process when locating billing errors, filing telecom orders , disputes, and obtaining maximum refunds. Not to mention, very few telecom employees have the knowledge to read and translate thousands of USOCs, various service types, and their service classifications otherwise known as (class of Service) that make up the telecom billing charges.

Telecom Training Adds Savings and Telecom Refunds

Without telecom expense training and telecom management skills you can’t expect these employees to determine if federal, state and local taxes and surcharges were billed correctly. If employees start placing telecom orders without being careful they can ruin your opportunity to obtain your business historical telecom refunds. Furthermore, you can’t expect them to be able to analyze and compare hundreds of different billing formats, billing codes, and constantly changing rating plans, applied by the carriers. Missed telecom refunds bring revenue loss. In summary, we recommend having Auditel conduct a complimentary telecom review and analysis. If you decide you want to have an audit completed after that, then we can train your staff during and after the audit for maximum refunds.