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Telecom Workshop Training Phase 3

Telecom Workshop Training Long Distance Phase 3 Telecom invoice expense auditing: Long Distance, Wireless, Internet, and Maintenance

Telecom Workshop Training Long Distance Course Description:

Students learn to analyze long distance bills, find savings, and obtain recovery in telecom workshop training phase 3.

Each student will learn call detail and what makes up the cost per minute in the calculations during the long distance training workshop.

Auditel telecom training for data bill auditing and management. Learn about data billings, techniques and procedures that bring telecom savings and recovery.

Audit training workshop includes step by step call detail analysis for long distance, including data invoice recovery and telecom savings.

Moreover, learn to audit internet invoices and wireless bills and receive highest telecom savings

Students learn to analyze telecom carrier and service provider contract terms and conditions, including discount calculations.

Work with Auditel templates to develop a reporting dashboard for long distance savings, and recovery management.

How can I learn to calculate my long distance cost per minute with increments?

Our telecom workshop training gives your staff knowledge to take control and bring telecom savings. Learn long distance contract skills that help monitor and manage cost per minute analysis. Therefore, we teach basic to intermediate courses on long distance, data, and wireless invoices. Learn deep telecom audit knowledge and skills to reduce the larger telecom billings, then compare all your long distance cost per minute rates and features. Step by step procedures on long distance cost per minute calculations, rate plan comparisons, with usage tracking templates. Understand the various class of service, types of long distance, direct dialed calls versus incoming calls and 800# calculations and fees.

Learn how to audit telecom data bills and manage and track data bills monthly for errors and recovery. So, get the inside track on internet invoices and learn telecom basics on wireless bills and mobile billings. Furthermore, learn how to organize all types of telephone and telecom service. In addition, Auditel training gives student’s telecom billing techniques that teach your staff how to calculate cost per minute, incremental billing versus full minute billing, monitor and analyze discount, monthly comparison analysis for all types of long distance and telecom billing platforms. accounts and service information. Auditel teaches telecom process used by Auditel to monitor all your telecom bills monthly, accurately, and economically.

Phase 3 Qualifications:

This telecom training workshop is only available with completion of Phase I. As stated by students in training and telecom department heads, “This telecom workshop pushes any student’s mind to open and think differently.” In summary, this telecom workshop along with Phase I covers the steps necessary to develop and maintain a Telecom Department.