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Telecom Savings Examples

How long does it take to show Auditel telecom savings examples?

Auditel files disputes on billing errors and tariff violations for telecom recovery, with telecom savings examples happening within only a few short weeks after we begin your telecom project. We investigate corporate telecom invoices along with all state and all telecom service providers, using our knowledge and professional forensic telecom process. Next, we identify all telecom service types, service fees, regulated and non-regulated services, used and not used features, service usages, or service item for dispute. Then we verify the billing correction for each dispute is recovered we check as the refund checks are submitted and credits start to be applied to the telecom invoices.  The final recovery and savings may take 3-4 months depending on the amount of the telecom recovery.  We bring your telecom savings with proof of savings and recovery, using very little of your staff resources.  In fact, we deliver the largest telecom savings available.

What type of findings and errors can we expect with Auditel Savings?

Our professional telecom trained team uncovers mistakes deep within telecom services. Our telecom audits provide optimum telecom cost reduction for not only fixed lines. But also for wired circuits, wireless, smartphones, mobile phones, data cards, MPLS, VOIP, SD-Wan, and internet services. These telecom billing errors may be the result of fraud, cramming, slamming, incorrect USF, State, and Federal taxes, or additional surcharges applied. We provide detailed telecom reports with proof of actual recovery and telecom savings found in each telecom invoice showing the actual refund check or credit. So, with full investigation and proven techniques, we eliminate any questions. We produce the checks and credits that appear quickly and without guesswork. You can see our telecom savings examples below.

Actual Telecom Savings Examples

telecom savings examples savings example sample telecom tax audit taxes auditor USF tax auditor FUSF tax 911 tax auditor before after sample cost savings telecom expense management

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This AT&T PRI telecom invoice had many mistakes. Refunds came from contract violations in addition, the contracted rates were higher than industry standards. We negotiated better benchmarked rates for the customer. The Universal Service Fees were reduced, state taxes, and also the federal taxes combined for total tax and surcharge reduction of over $354 per month. Auditel was able to reduce the bill by $4,898.49 per month, and obtained refunds shown as credits on the invoice of $46,270.95. If you want to see more large credits watch our video on telecom refunds part 2.

Telecom Savings examples telecommunications management examples TEM samples TEM examples TEM proof of savings TEM refunds TEM found revenue

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This telecom invoice is one of many for this client. The invoice has four circuits billing incorrectly. There was contract non-compliances and Auditel was able to reduce the bill by $139.88 and obtain refunds which show as credits on the invoice of $8,163.60.

There is No risk with our telecom cost reduction process!

Telecom bill auditing is like having a CPA audit, analyze, and review your telecom expenses, invoices, and services. Then your company gets refunds. But you don’t have to pay hourly, or in advance for our services. Auditel only invoices a portion of the savings/recovery as our fee.

Is it hard to recover telecom savings? Can you show me some telecom savings examples?

When we negotiate a telecom refund for overcharges with telecom Service Providers or vendors it’s often a frustrating lengthy process. Very few telecom employees are expected to have the ability to locate a refund. Moreover, to file a telecom dispute, and follow the recovery to inception. Although, most employees may not have telecom knowledge of USOCS, they will try their best to help as much as they can to reduce invoices. But, it won’t bring adequate refunds without telecom knowledge.

Telecom Training comes with our Telecom Audits

Auditel includes telecom training with our telecom audit services. But, knowing about telecom service types takes telecom training to understand what makes up the telecom billing charges for service types; landlines, fixed or wired line services. However, wireless billing and data billings are also complex services. Telecom services require specific knowledge to uncover mistakes and errors.  However, telecom billing is complex and overwhelming for most employees to understand, track, and manage.  In summary, corporate employees may not have the telecom knowledge or training to save money on your company phone bills. Because your employees may not be able to understand so many variables, for instance to determine if tax exemptions were claimed. With Auditel services, we include telecom training. Give us a call to find out if your company’s Federal, State and Local surcharges and taxes are billed correctly.

More on telecom savings examples

Auditel delivers proof of actual telecom cost reduction and telecom refunds, and telecom savings our clients can trust. View the before and after bill for telecom savings examples that illustrate proof of savings and proof of refunds and recovery.

If you are overwhelmed by telephone bills, internet, wireless bills and security alarm contracts as a consumer. Then, imagine how a corporation deals with various service providers and telecom issues. So, how do you think business and corporations keep track of their phone bills? If you think every corporation has their telecom bills in order, you are incorrect. Look at the illustrations below with actual telecom invoices showing proof of telecom refunds. These are not samples, they are actual telecom audits.

Auditel brings technology tips, solutions to include corporate billing mistakes. We also provide services for enterprise mobility management and telecom expense management solutions. Telecom training tips come with our tech expense management. Why not save on your technology, and gain control of all your telecom expenses today?

Is your telecom technology up to date? Does your company have a telecom manager, telecom expense management, or a TEM solution? When is the last time your business or corporation had a TEM checkup? Your bills could bring larger telecom savings examples than those shown here. You won’t know how much telecom cost reduction we can bring until you take the Auditel challenge

More on Auditel Savings

Why not take the Auditel challenge and learn about what we find inside your telecom expense.

For the past 30 years we’ve delivered telecom audit findings that led to telecom refunds at $125M to date with no telecom software purchase. Visit Auditel Telecom News for more on telecom settlements and lawsuits including telecom refunds. Auditel telecom case studies are available to show our telecom expense management process and inventory management services. We have many client videos on Auditel video as well. Auditel Youtube channel has many short videos that will help you understand our services more. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Further customer references are available on LinkedIn, along with many recommendation letters from our clients.