Auditel telecom expense management services


Telecom Bill Optimization

Telecom bill optimization adds value and revenue to your budget.

We bring our telecom bill optimization process that has been perfected over the past 27 years with proven methodology. Auditel can increase your telecom efficiency, and give your team more control than ever before, all while reducing telecom expenses and bringing historical telecom bill recovery. We begin this process by bringing your business a validated telecom inventory at no extra cost. Telecom bill optimization combines the review of many billings to measure the entire group of billings as a whole.  This occurs while simultaneously analyzing your voice, data, services and features, to develop an inventory and ensure that your business only pays for services required.

Is your Telecom Inventory Accurate?

Why is telecom inventory a key part of telecom bill optimization?

A telecom inventory is a big part of telecom bill optimization. Auditel combines the telecom services to include the wired services (landlines), or fixed telecommunication phone lines, and the wireless service environment including smartphones, mobile phones, and hotspot services added together with a variety of data services like MPLS, (old frame relay), VPN, and the new SD-Wan services. A true telecom audit is the only serious way to validate your telecom inventory.

How do you know if some old services or fees are still billing inside other accounts?

You can trust Auditel and our staff of trained telecom analysts to recovery and recapture historical telecom revenue, deliver a valid telecom researched inventory along with realized monthly telecom savings.

Savings from Telecom Bill Optimization

How can Auditel deliver savings while working on telecom billing optimization?

Auditel begins each project by identifying your telecom services, and reviewing all your telecom contracts and service usages. Telecom bill optimization occurs as we compare all the services, service provider contracts, usages, and telecom billing plans with the tariff.  Next, we analyze services to identify any unclaimed tax exemptions. Auditel phone bill audits provide telecom bill optimization while simultaneously producing savings from voice, data, internet, and wireless telecom services. Local, City, County, State, and Federal taxes can be miscalculated. Tariff, service delivery, and non-compliances may contain billing errors. Regulatory fees, surcharges including 911 fees account for a large portion of the taxes on billing. However, Federal Excise Tax, Local Number Portability (LNP) Charge, Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Charge, and Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) may contain billing errors.

How do you optimize telecom wireless services?

Auditel develops a completely separate wireless inventory by conducting analysis of each account number and all the telecom services including usages associated within each account. After the Telecom services are organized, centralized, and optimized, then we deliver telecom reporting. Auditel will analyze wireless services including wireless rate plan and wireless pooling plans and their usages and discounts. Telecom billing optimization does increase your business wireless savings and give insight into all wireless services.

Wireless Optimization Works

How can our business get the best wireless optimization?

Auditel will analyze and review wireless services such as smartphones, mobility, hotspots, to include all wireless services and any plans, and their usages and discounts, for optimum wireless optimization.

Can we have business text messaging services, like SMS and MMS optimized?

Auditel analyzes and audits all the usages within the wireless bills to provide insight and part of the wireless optimization is analyzing the wireless text messaging services for both SMS, and MMS. We compare the fees, any applicable rate plans, and usages to maximize your business telecom savings.

Do you calculate wireless usages for more than the current month?

With Auditel wireless expense management we analyze at least three months of wireless usage against wireless plan charges, and wireless contracts. Next Auditel reviews the telecom contracts, and discounts. Finally, they are compared against the actual wireless invoice. This same process is used for each type of wireless plan or service. We review and analyze business current wireless pooling plans, compare the plan details and minutes available and included with the plan, with actual pooling plan minutes used for the month. We capture all discounts applied (or those telecom service providers missed, or omitted) and record our findings, then submit them in a report to our client. Auditel goes the extra distance in checking various peak and off peak times and season. Business telecom services are more efficient when they are consolidated, and optimized.  We have mastered this service offering and would be happy to help your team.

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