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Telecom One Day Training – Telephone Bill Auditing

Basic telephone bill auditing workshop begins with local telephone bill analysis. Students learn how to identify charges that make up the monthly service fee found on local telephone bills. Students learn basic bill auditing procedures needed to analyze the inside of local telephone providers billing records. Most students initially think these phone bill records look like ancient hieroglyphics. But by auditing local telephone bills students learn to analyze the phone billing records and compare their findings with the telephone bill monthly recurring fees and features found in the local telephone bills.

Students learn how to audit and complete a local telephone bill analysis by understanding the service records and monthly recurring charges applied to the local phone bill monthly along with tariffs. Local telephone bill usage analyzed and audited. Students audit usage based charges billed by other companies. Telecom basics audit training helps students find any overcharges or billing errors located inside and outside the local telephone bill.

What do we teach in the telephone bill auditing training workshop?

Auditel telephone bill auditing training is a combination of phone bill review, telecom tariff analysis, review of telecom contracts, comparison of wired and wireless service usages, fees, surcharges, and taxes plus any telephone tax exemptions available. Our phone bill audit training delivers highest recovery, bill savings, and cost reductions. Our solutions require no service provider changes. Since we specialize in phone bill audits we don’t sell or provide telecom sales of any type. This focus and dedication has made us an industry leader in telecom billing audits and telecom expense management.

What makes Auditel training workshop the best?

Auditel is at the forefront in telephone bill auditing technology. Moreover, we have navigated through the various changes in carrier services, telecom audit service types, and Telecom Service Providers billings over the past twenty-four years. Furthermore, we provide the best telecom bill audit recovery and we teach the same techniques to our students.

Does your telecom bill audit training workshop include tariff, tax, and telecom regulatory surcharge investigation?

Auditel telecommunications training does include tariff investigations on telecom billing errors, and overcharges with highest recoveries and refunds. In addition, our telecom tax and exemption review helps you to identify any errors, unclaimed tax exemptions, or misapplied tax. In addition, phone surcharges and fees are reviewed for accuracy. Certainly, we teach students to audit and review all of your telecom bills and telephone taxes and telecom regulatory fees.

Can you give us some idea of the process for telecommunications training?

We teach students how to understand services within the telephone bill, and how to understand how the services work. So, our training process helps the student to analyze each type of service inside the phone bill. Furthermore, once the errors are identified and usages analyzed, then students are taught how to file recovery disputes, and monitor the dispute to completion. In fact, our students learn the skills to be able to identify the highest recovery and savings.

Auditel bill auditing training workshop brings the telephone bill auditing knowledge, solutions, highest recovery and savings. We teach you how to build a telecom inventory (tested and verified) in our 5-day course. This telecom inventory will become the main tool for their telecom department.