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Telecom One Day Training Long Distance

Can Auditel telecom one day training long distance course teach my group skills to understand the different types of long distance services for both incoming calls, and outgoing calls?

In Auditel telecom one day training long distance basic workshop, students learn to identify usages. From the local domestic, Intrastate, Intralata, Interstate, to International usages on the bill. Students learn 800# calls versus 900# and 511 types of usage. They learn how to identify collect call usages, 3 way calling usages, and remote call forward usages. They also learn so many more separate service types and call detail usages on the telecom bills. Auditel basic long distance training guides you through the process of auditing, and calculating the various types of usages. Students learn cost per minute calculations (CPM).  Next students learn how to capture the accurate cost per minute within the call details records (CDR).

Can Auditel help us learn how to calculate cost per minute and billing increments?

Students learn the basic long distance usages and are exposed to calculating techniques to work efficiently in the computer, or in the calculator. So, Auditel teaches your office how to identify call detail records of long distance usages found within the local telephone bill. We also train students on how to audit large main account long distance provider invoices. In addition, we give step by step process with guidance and procedures to separate long distance call details and service types. Auditel basic long distance auditing training gives the skills needed to calculate usages. In addition, we teach how to calculate billing increments, discounts, and taxes for accurate cost per minute.

Does Auditel telecom one day training long distance give my team the skills to understand fees for non-usage items?

Auditel students learn non usage fees and charges through the workshop training auditing actual invoices. However, they realize how each service provider bill is different. The knowledge learned in the telecom training one day long distance course will carry over into all telecom expense management.

There are other things to measure besides call detail to gain accuracy in cost per minute. One item left off will give an inaccurate cost per minute. Auditel helps students explore long distance contract basics but this focused training is based on essentials skills.

Telecom One Day Training Long Distance gives more telecom control

The long distance recurring monthly fees are analyzed, along with the types of usages and billing methods. This telecom training one day long distance workshop uses actual long distance bill call details records (CDR) to increase knowledge and skills. Your office will earn procedures to separate the telephone service charges from the call detail. They will learn how to calculate the cost per minute billing increments (CPM) and discounts.  In this long distance training course students learn the questions to ask, and where to find the answers.  To summarize, this workshop will teach students recovery and savings techniques on all types of long distance bills.