Auditel telecom expense management services


Telecom Order Process Provisioning

Telecom order process provisioning is used to monitor and manage telecom moves adds and changes. We’ve found that companies with telecom managers that keep accurate telecom records, and track telecom inventory gain more telecom refunds. Moreover, companies who monitor both telecom order process provisioning, and track MACD orders gain highest telecom refunds. Has the economy left your business without a telecom manager to place your telecom orders? Even if your company does have a telecom manager he/she may not have the time or telecom training to manage your telecom inventory. Have you noticed an increase in your telecom bills? Are you certain that your telecom invoices are correct? Have you verified that you are using all the services within your telecom invoices? It’s difficult to manage telecom expenses without accurate telecom telecom service inventory including MACD (move, add, change, or disconnect) orders.

Are you left with inflated and overpriced telecom services due to corporate mergers and acquisitions, or the loss of key telecom leadership or personnel?

Without telecom management and accurate order provisioning corporations with high mergers and acquisitions run the risk of higher penalties, lack of network and data security, and increased autorewal policies in contract terms. In addition, they run the risk of over provisioning, escalated usages, and higher telecom invoices.

How can we recover unknown telecom order processing fees that appear on our telecom invoices?

Auditel can review your telecom records and customer service records to determine service established dates. After that we analyze each telecom invoice for order process fees. Recovery of fees will be based on many factors. Auditel will give you options and file disputes for any discrepancies.

Can we get refunds on late fees found in our telecom invoices?

If you receive notice of late fees there is possibly a hold up in accounts payable department. There also may be a problem in your payment authorization process. Auditel can manage your telecom procurement and reduce your costs for telecom order process provisioning. We keep accurate records for each order placed. Additionally this allows your company to gain future recovery if any service provider billing errors are found.

Why are we being penalized by early termination penalties?

Every company is responsible for their own telecom contract review. They also need to keep track of the telecom contract expiration and termination clauses. Auditel can help your company understand your telecom contracts and provide your team with the best options available.

How can Auditel help us to realize savings while cleaning up our telecom billing?

Auditel performs a detailed audit which includes developing telecom inventory. After researching and identifying all telecom services, contracts, and historical invoices we are able to see a clear picture of your telecom service needs and usages from inception. We further evaluate the telecom order process provisioning used for placing your telecom orders from service established date. This detailed procurement review unearths the telecom fees associated with each invoice. So, it gives us the details needed to inspect your services, usages and order provisioning process.

Do you have unorganized telecom records, or no telecom orders at all?

Auditel can review your customer service orders found within each telecom service provider’s customer service records. We also review your telecom service orders to determine any telecom billing discrepancies, over charges, or misapplied payments.

Do you find odd fees in your telecom invoices? Are there any extra charges on your telecom billings you are unaware of?

If so, let our team of skilled professionals bring organization to your telecom services, telecom contracts, as well as your invoices. We provide accurate telecom order procurement, record keeping, and bill reduction services to your team without increasing your overhead and headcount. We place telecom orders with precision. Our order process provisioning service has over 29 years proof positive results. Auditel can work on specific telecom projects based on your overall service needs. Auditel delivers category experts with serious on the job experience and knowledge. Moreover, our results include organized inventory, reductions to complex rate plans, optimized services, and centralized billing through strategic planning.

Telecom Policies and Benchmarking Game Changers

Your organization needs to establish telecom policies with benchmarks to reduce costs. Hence, keeping up with technology, market trends, brings updates, and improvements. Auditel order provisioning will reduce the lag in waiting for orders. We give accurate and fast order provisioning. Our turnaround time (TAT) is efficient. Furthermore, part of our accuracy comes from detailed telecom record keeping. Because with our telecom audit we check every service order from service established date to ensure your historical refunds are maximized.

Auditel works with leading global IT Departments, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Service Providers, Fortune 100, 500, and 1000 companies delivering telecom order process provisioning. We provide full telecom procurement management, or work on specific telecom projects. Take the Auditel Challenge and find savings we can deliver firsthand. Auditel can make a difference in your order process and provisioning services.