Auditel telecom expense management services


Telecom Invoice Management

Auditel telecommunications invoice management and wireless management services will eliminate the guesswork and remove the mistakes in wired and wireless phones (landline, mobile, wireless, or cell phones), data, data cards and other services. We also uncover so many additional items that bring telecom recovery. We can’t possibly list all the telecom recovery items here, but you can rest assured, we will leave nothing behind in search of telecom savings and recovery. There is No Risk with our telecom invoice management services
There is no ROI as there is NO INVESTMENT required.

Think of TEM in a different way.
Why pay hourly fee or flat fees monthly for TEM or Telecom Invoice Management services?
Why go through days of learning software upgrades?
Having Auditel is like having a Telecom Team in your office.
We can furnish any reports you need easily, quickly, and accurately
Our telecom invoice services delivers so much more than inventory.
We constantly audit, and review your telecom services.
Auditel gives our clients updates on service inventory, contracts, and invoices and more.
We deliver highest telecom recovery and savings.
Our fee is contingency based. It’s a small portion of recovery and savings.
It’s a new way to experience Telecom Expense Management.
It’s a fresh approach
And if we don’t deliver recovery or savings, there is no fee.

Auditel gives a simple solution to the TEM software approach; no risk and no investment are different, yes a bit unusual. But after 30 years we are confident we can surpass any software based TEM, or competitor. We provide TEM for contingency pricing, and we offerthe lowest pricing on the market, so why go elsewhere. Why not have your telecom expense management company reviewed, even tested? Are you certain they are powerful enough to pass our quality check? Auditel telecom expense management brings an alternative to Telecom Expense Management and TEM approach. Our services are great news to those wanting to check their software company tools and deliverables.

What is included in telecommunication invoice management services from Auditel?

Telecom management includes wireless and wired service optimization, fixed and wireless contract compliance, telecom billing consolidation, centralized landline, wireless invoice consolidation (includesall wired and wireless phones (landline, mobile, or cell phones) and detailed telecom inventory. Auditel professionals manage and control telecom expenses by staying current with technology updates giving our business clients insight into all voice, digital and analog services. Technology updates are important to growing business we keep our clients updated on all the telecom service impacting changes in the industry including any new telecom discounts and options available to maximize their expense management for both wired and wireless savings.

Can you tell us what kind of findings to expect with telecommunications invoice management?

Auditel has made our business all about delivering findings. Our investigations reach is far, and much further than you can see on the top of your telecom invoice. In fact, we dissect your telecommunicationinvoicesand pull them apart piece by piece, detail by detail to uncover all the evidence we need to understand your entire telecom service. Additionally, we locate overpayments made to telecom service providers, and vendors. These may be the result of incorrect rates based upon established telecom tariffs (tariff violations), duplicate payments, pricing errors, erroneous payments (invoices paid to incorrect telecom vendor), or overlooked telecom refunds

Telecom Invoice Management provides accurate TEM without purchasing telecom software. Auditel telecom bill management solutions bring highest refunds. Let our service, savings and recovery be the proof. Your business has absolutely nothing to lose using our telecommunication invoice management services, and everything to gain. There is No Risk with our telecom expense management services. In summary, there is no ROI as there is NO INVESTMENT required. Auditel delivers highest telecom recovery and savings.