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Telecom One Day Training – Telecom Manager

We need info on your Telecom One Day Training Telecom Manager workshop. Our telecom manager wants to further his long distance knowledge. 

Our “Telecom One Day Training Telecom Manager” workshop is designed for CFO, CEO, CIO, Telecom Manager, Telecom Staff or any advanced student looking to audit large long distance invoices. This workshop training includes contract review. Managers learn to identify local usage, Intralata, Intrastate, Interstate, and International usages. Next the students learn telecom service analysis techniques and process used for call details within local telephone and long distance bills. We teach students to understand telecom audit service types, and their usages. For example regulated, and non-regulated fees are defined to separate the usages from the services. More usage calculations are measured and then reviewed. Such as any local calling plans, 3rd party, and collect call usages that are within the invoice.

Does long distance telecom manager training give my office training to calculate T1 and dedicated services?

Telecom manager training is structured around dedicated long distance. It’s not for those just learning long distance. This telecom workshop training is also called “Telecom Manager Boot Camp.” Switched long distance and dedicated long distance services are calculated, separating calls, minutes, and charges, and discounts.  Additionally, the call detail records (CDR) must be included with accurate calculations for cost per minute. There are dedicated and switched inbound calls (also known as 800#s). The difference is in the way the calls are configured to come into your office.

Long Distance Contract Management

Can we learn long distance contracts in the “Telecom One Day Training Telecom Manager” workshop?

Auditel gives workshop training students time to try to figure out the answer for themselves. It’s bullet proof once they learn how to be a telecom detective. These skills and procedures are for those with strong long distance knowledge. The “Telecom One Day Training Telecom Manager” boot camp approach really works and gives the keys needed for effective telecom management. We teach telecom managers telecom contract management. They learn how to analyze the current Telecom Service Provider Service Agreements by learning and understanding contract terms and conditions. Telecom contracts are researched for Minimum Annual Revenue Commitment (MARC), and students learn the essentials inside the Service Level Agreements (SLA). In addition, we also work with any revisions to the original signed agreements called contract addendums. Students are taught steps to research and review the contract terms.

Do you explain loop fees in the dedicated long distance training?

Auditel instruction and demonstrations give the student hands on workshop training that isn’t based on memorization. Our techniques work, and students are amazed at how much knowledge they retain during the training workshop. Loop fees are discussed with the dedicated T1 training as students learn how the local lines and long distance lines work differently and are billed in separate platforms.

With our telecom manager boot camp training for long distance and contracts, MARC, and SLA are reviewed. Students then ferret out the details in telecom contracts then learn to document expiration dates, contract termination, with fees and penalties at the forefront. Telecom management training workshop gives long distance skills your office needs for greatest savings along with many future benefits.

Student must take Telecom One Day Training – Long Distance in order to attend this course.

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