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Telecom One Day Training – Telecom Basics

We are looking for a one day basic telecommunications training course or workshop that teaches us about the actual services behind the telephone bills. We need to understand telephone and telecom dictionary terms. We need general knowledge of how to review a telephone invoice. Can Auditel provide this training workshop?

This is an introduction and overview to telecommunications. Students learn the basic telecom dictionary terms, and history of telecom services and billing with principles of telecommunications. We educate your staff on the actual telephone service delivery from the central office to your desk.

Auditel offers basic telecommunications training workshop for those individuals with little or no telecommunications background. This training workshop teaches basic telecommunications terminology and history through a workshop. The Basic Telecommunications Training course shows students how circuits and telephone lines work behind the scenes. We explain through billings and drawings how telephone lines and circuits work from telephone Central Office to the office or site demarcation point.

The telecom knowledge each student acquires during the training workshop helps them understand the service items and fees that make up the telephone bill monthly recurring charges. We discuss the non-recurring charges that are found applied to local telephone bills. Students learn to identify telephone bill usage charges and how they apply to the local telephone bills monthly.

We make telecommunications training simple for those who want to know the telecom lingo and how to apply the services to better understand the telecom dictionary terms.