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Wireless Recovery

What is a Wireless Recovery Audit?

In a wireless recovery audit, Auditel reviews the wireless agreement, the signed wireless contract, to determine any contract commitments on revenue, contract expiration, and any contract termination clauses.

Our wireless recovery investigation goes deeper as we determine all the services for each mobile device, smartphone usage, data usages, and compare these usages with the wireless contract or service agreement. We then review the complete wireless contract terms and conditions detail. Next we monitor the client adherence to contract compliance. Moreover, we review any factors or issues with meeting current agreements revenue commitment (if any), including any service issues encountered during the agreement. We request any contract addendum to ensure we have the latest changes to the wireless contract. When we locate discrepancies, errors, overcharges, or tariff violations, we file wireless disputes for companies. So, along with any mistakes or inaccuracies found during our historical review of the wireless invoices. We follow the wireless dispute to full completion. The wireless recovery is completed once your company receives the wireless refund check or credit on the invoice.

What is Wireless Communications?

We refer to wireless communications as mobile phones, cell phones, smartphones, including the mobile network.  All mobile devices that don’t use a landline. Wireless devices include data, mobile data cards, connect cards, or broadband modems. In addition, Wi-Fi mobility, hotspot, turbo hotspot, mobile devices, laptops, tablets, Blackberry, Android phones, wireless security alarms, I-phone, and data cards for laptops. Also, learn more technology tips and info from our tech dictionary.

Auditel can provide a wireless recovery audit for your business bringing the highest recovery and savings results at no risk and with no investment!

Auditel wireless recovery audits bring highest recovery. This comes from following the wireless findings, filing accurate wireless disputes, and negotiating the recovery of wireless overcharges with telecommunication Service Providers. This is often very time consuming, and frustrating process.

Very few employees have the ability and knowledge to read and translate thousands of USOCs. Additionally auditing hundreds of different Service Providers with varying service types is tough. However, finding incorrect tariffs, mistakes in regulations, roaming, data, usages, plans and wireless billing charges is difficult. Auditel can determine if Federal, State and Local surcharges and taxes have billed correctly, and if not, request the recovery and credits. With hundreds of different wireless billing systems, formats, billing codes, particularly the constantly changing wireless, and data rate plans. Wireless Service Provider rates and plans are changing frequently, and we find that constant review is important. Aside from our wireless recovery audits, we also offer wireless bill auditing training. During our wireless recovery audits, we educate your company on the mistakes we find costing you money.

What are some items that bring wireless recovery

Wireless billing errors may result from incorrect rates based upon established tariffs (tariff violations), contract non-compliances, duplicate payments, pricing errors, erroneous payments, overlooked rebates and discounts, unclaimed recovery of refunds, over payment of taxes, and other surcharges. Auditel’s service identifies wireless billing errors, as well as tariff violations as we collect the highest wireless recovery.

We have proven results for over two decades in resolving disputes and recovering highest recovery from wireless service providers.