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Telecom Policy Management

What will telecom policy management do for my business?

Having a telecom policy not only helps to control costs, but it can be used as a matrix to set company policy against. Your business needs to have policy management to measure and enforced rules and regulate the use of business equipment, devices, and usages to provide future security. For example, if you have employees purchasing ringtones for company wireless phones. How many ringtones should your business have to pay for?  Besides, without rules, regulations, and telecom policy in place for all situations there is room for chaos. Control telecom costs by implementing telecom policy management.

Auditel will request information in working with your business to help set up your fixed wired, wireless, and data policy management.  Moreover, it’s important to have landline, data, and wireless bill optimization. But without some regulations in place to control usage parameters, expense can quickly get out of hand. IT department can use telecom policy to control purchasing per device, usages, and provide optimum insight into all telecom service charges. This helps your business to capture, structure, regulate,and monitor both equipment and usages for higher telecom savings. Also, learn more on technology terms and behind the scenes work going on at the central office in our telecommunication dictionary.

Can Auditel structure a wireless telecom policy?

Yes, Auditel can help your company establish a wireless telecom policy that will become an effective part of your business process not only for IT, but for internal management to use as a gauge for future spend calculations and higher telecom savings.

With today’s ever changing technology it’s the efficient manager with company policy structure and benchmarking in place to eliminate the daily unexpected telecom fees, penalties, and challenges. Telecom managers are not the only ones who need telecom policy management. Telecom policy can bring added telecom knowledge and service awareness. The more your company is aware of, the less chance of unexpected penalties and unnecessary fees. Telecom policy management gives more protection and security against fraud and misuse. Auditel telecom analysis will locate the flaws or weakness in the telecom service and billing.

Can Auditel give our business policy management for Wireless Service Optimization:

Our experts identify services, devices and plans that are not cost effective or providing optimum service.In fact, many plans become outdated, and or services are no longer necessary. Auditel can correct and manage rate plans through detailed analyzation of employee needs. We deliver detailed feature and line optimization, and usage analysis. We provide analysis reports for smartphones, blackberry, data cards, and telecom service optimization.

Auditel will consolidate all your telecom bills including wireless phone accounts. Control wireless costs by implementing a wireless telecom policy and benchmarking plan that can be used to enforce wireless company policy, control usage, and give more structure and control over mobile devices.  Moreover, mobile technology is constantly changing and can be very challenging. Wireless benchmarking and mobile policy are a must for optimum telecom management. We recommend checking with your IT Management team to see if there is any mobility policy or mobile benchmarking structure in place

For optimum business management we recommend having telecom benchmarks and telecom policy in place

Auditel can help your business measure services requirements against all of your telecom needs. In fact, we can help you gain control of wireless and mobile expense by building a telecom policy around your business core telecom needs. We review contract legal terms, calculating the best course of action, measured by analyzing many months of usage. Moreover, contract terms and conditions are reviewed including all revenue commitments.

A wireless telecom policy can be used to enforce telecom wireless order processing, service, and plan usages.  This brings added protection through Auditel telecom expense and inventory reporting. Furthermore, setting standards within telecom policy management and approval process is only part of the policy setup process. Likewise, determining approved mobile device asset services and usage plans based upon employee functions and requirements. Auditel voice and wireless usages analysis along with a structured matrix bring added security and policy management.

Telecom Policy Brings More Control

Auditel wireless company policy will control usage, and give more insight into your business future wireless budget bringing cost control. Gaining control over mobile devices will help your business manage wireless services and billings better than ever before. Our consultants are available real time to help. If your business already has telecom policy management, we can help make it more effective and bring higher telecom savings.