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Telecom Tax Refund

Telecom Tax Refund – How to obtain yours 

Finding a telecom tax refund without knowing it exists is like looking for a needle in a barn full of hay.  Auditel alerts our clients and sends out press releases to notify the general public as telecom tax refunds are found. Telecom refunds may be found in all service types, any non-recurring, and recurring fees, surcharges, State, Local, County, City, and Federal Taxes including Federal Excise Tax, 911 fees, USF also known as FUSF (Federal Universal Service Fund, UUT and more.

We know that if you don’t request a refund, odds are you won’t receive one. Most people can remember the large Federal Excise Tax back in 2006. Auditel sent out several press releases alerting the public and business owners to file and claim the Federal Excise Tax, also known as the Telephone Excise Tax Refund (TETR). Can you believe a $4 Billion refund was unclaimed by millions?

Another Telecom Tax Refund

Another large refund came out last year through June 20, 2016.  The City of Los Angeles agreed to pay $92.5 Million Settlement of Ardon v. City of Los Angeles.  This telecom refund known as the Telecom Utility Users Tax UUT.  These are just a few of the larger telecom tax refund items the general public may have seen. We see new tax refunds all the time. Stay tuned to Auditel Telecom News page for updates and telecom tax news.   Auditel has the latest telecom tax knowledge required to bring your business largest recovery and telecom savings.

Does Auditel always find refunds during the telecom audit including telecom taxes?

We don’t always find telecom refunds for every location, but we check each bill thoroughly to ensure accurate taxes have been applied to each type of telecom service. Auditel has developed high skills in telecom tax including 911 fees, FUSF, state tax, federal tax, local tax, and surcharge knowledge. These extra tax refunds allows us to conduct “go behind” telecom audits, we find additional telecom refunds hidden within telecom billings after any other auditing company has completed their version of a telecom audit.  We deliver maximum telecom tax refunds, recovery, and savings.

After providing telecom audit services for the past 27 years our telecom audit services and client base still continue to grow and expand. Auditel provides the maximum savings along with a complimentary telecom inventory with each full audit. We provide telecom training from telecom basics and telecom manager skills among other services.  Additionally, telecom tax audits involve manual review of telecom taxes associated with telecom expenses. Let Auditel service solutions work for your business with no out of pocket expense!  Our telecom savings and telecom refunds delivers maximum telecom tax recovery.

Auditel brings no risk telecom tax refunds! We audit all the telecom taxes within all your telecom invoices like 911 fees, FUSF taxes.  Auditel investigates, and reviews legal contract terms and conditions, for every telecom invoices, and service.  Furthermore, our clients only pay us after we deliver the tax refunds.

How can I obtain a telecom tax refund?

If your company keeps accurate telecom records and bill copies along with all MACDs (moves, ads, and changes) it will help in the telecom service review and bill analyzation process.  Maintaining accurate telecom records is always helpful. Auditel can provide maximum tax recovery and also bring your company a telecom inventory, contract compliance review, telecom bill optimization, and research into your telecom service infrastructure. Knowing your tax terms such as 911 fees, FUSF, and so many others can help. We provide training during our telecom tax audits.

What is a telecom tax audit??

Our telecom tax refund and telecom service analysis is very comprehensive using propriety analytical tools along with manual audit techniques. Our audits produce much more detail and accurate telecom tax savings compared to others using telecom software alone.  There is no comparison between our telecom tax refund audit, and that of our competition.

Proven Telecom Tax Recovery

Auditel has a proven telecom tax recovery track record for delivering superior tax recovery and historical telecom refunds on all services including wireless recovery and data recovery. Technology is dynamic and the environment is constantly changing.  Furthermore, Auditel has the infrastructure to manage your costs, reduce your telecom expense, and protect your telecom services.  Moreover, we have the telecom tax knowledge needed to uncover the largest tax savings and we can help your business get maximum telecom tax refunds with no out of pocket expense.

What are some taxes Auditel has obtained refunds for?

Auditel performs a very comprehensive telecom tax recovery and performs telecom audits on all service providers voice and data circuits, analog and digital lines, PRI, SIP trunks, SD-Wan, circuits, trunks, optical circuits, T1, T2, T3, DS1, DS2, DS3, OC1, OC3, wireless, mobile services, hotspots, data cards, and so on VOIP, Wired and Wireless (Cellular) devices including all mobile phones, plans, usages for all service types, any non- recurring, and recurring fees, surcharges, State, Local, County, City, and Federal Taxes including Federal Excise Tax, 911 fees, USF, UUT to name only a few. Also, learn more technology terms in our technology glossary.

What results can I gain from an internal telecom tax recovery audit?

We don’t have any success stories regarding internal telecom recovery since the savings are minimal when a tax recovery audit is reviewed by untrained staff.  It’s very difficult to audit taxes and to get recovery for historical errors.  Since telecom tax errors are difficult to locate, measure, and file disputes on, we recommend using a professional team. Telecom tax exemptions for state, county, or federal filings may be missed resulting in lost revenue.

Very few telecom employees have the knowledge to read and translate thousands of USOCs.  In addition they may not have the training to determine if federal, state, 911 fees (9-1-1), and local surcharges and taxes billed.  Auditel can conduct your telecom tax refund audit with no out of pocket expense.  We can provide telecom training for your staff during, and after the audit for maximum tax savings.

We know how to locate a telecom tax refund

Historically Auditel has delivered telecom savings from 15% to 45% of client’s annual telecom expenses. In fact, over the years we have achieved $120 Million in Pro-forma savings for our clients. Furthermore, based on success of our telecom tax recovery process, many clients have engaged us several times over the years at regular intervals. Not only do we investigate your 911 fees, FUSF taxes, State tax, Local tax, County tax, City tax, but we investigate other Federal Taxes including Federal Excise Tax.