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Wireless Expense Management

What is Wireless Expense Management?

According to Wikipedia : Wireless Expense Management – Corporations need to be able to focus on their core business, the larger the business the more there is to handle on a day-to-day basis. And businesses with a large mobile / cellular / wireless presence also have the expenses associated with them. These companies need professional Telecom Expense Management (TEM) to help them manage their wireless telecom bills accurately and effectively. Auditel provides wireless expense management plus so much more. For over 27 years we’ve watch IoT evolve, we’ve seen POTs lines, fiber, sonet, SIP and 5G Our VOIP management, telecom invoice management, expense management, wireless refunds, data

What type of wireless services are included in wireless expense management?

Wireless expense management service are performed on: mobile, voice, cell phones, smart phones, and the mobile network (all mobile devices using wireless data) mobile data cards, connect cards, or mobile broadband modem, Wi-Fi mobility, and hotspot mobility, turbo hotspot, laptops, tablets, Blackberry, Android phones, wireless security alarms, I-phone, and data cards for laptops.

Wireless Expense Management Alert – If wireless billing errors and overcharges are not exposed, requested, or disputed within the terms of your new wireless agreement, your refunds may be reduced and some wireless recovery claims can be denied.

Our deep dive goes further as we investigate all the services for each cell phone or mobile device, usage, and plan details. We then review wireless contracts, the client adherence to contract compliance, any factors or issues with meeting current agreements, including any service issues encountered during the agreement. When we locate discrepancies, over charges, and tariff violations, we then file wireless disputes for any historical wireless errors or mobile overcharges found for highest recovery and monthly invoice savings.  Our fees are contingency based with no risk and no investment.

What is a wireless expense management policy and benchmarking?

Auditel wireless expense management can build your wireless and cell phone policy plan for recapture of lost savings and wireless cost reductions. We set up wireless benchmarks and policy for added wireless and cell phone protection and security against fraud and misuse. Auditel wireless expense management solutions will locate the flaws or weakness in the  wireless network and the mobile security infrastructure. Our wireless management process optimizes existing network utilization. We start by reviewing the asset (wireless device, mobile phone, or cell phone) and building a mobile inventory. Then we compare the inventory services used against telecom services billed. Clients can control wireless costs better after implementing a wireless policy and a benchmarking plan. Together these effectively enforce wireless company policy, control usage, and bring more control over wireless devices.

What are the keys to wireless expense management savings on wireless invoices?

As your business grows, so do your wireless expenses. The more cell phones, mobile devices, wireless equipment, plans, text messaging, long distance, roaming usages and products your company uses, the more wireless expense your company will incur. With that you will require more wireless expense management reporting. Every business needs a confirmed wireless inventory to maintain and manage accurate wireless records. This wireless inventory is complimentary with Auditel wireless expense management services.

What is the fee for Auditel wireless expense management?

Auditel provides contingency based wireless expense management services with no risk, and no investment. Our audits produce wireless savings. Auditel fees come from the actual wireless invoice savings and wireless recovery. We check each monthly wireless invoice to determine billing accuracy and ensure your savings are secure.

In addition to the contingency based wireless expense management, Auditel provides your company with complimentary monthly wireless reporting. Telecom software is not a requirement for Auditel wireless expense management reporting. Without doubt, Auditel produces the highest wireless recovery and savings.

Are SMS and MMS text messages included in wireless expense management?

Auditel wireless expense management services are used to analyze all the usages including wireless devices, wireless phones, and mobile services. These usages are analyzed to provide insight into the mobile text messaging services for both SMS, and MMS messages. We know the best rate plans available with your service provider. We compare the wireless text messaging fees with any applicable mobile rate plans, and usages.  Moreover, this maximizes your wireless savings with no risk and no investment from your business.

What is coming next in wireless technology?

Get familiar with 3GPP if you’re not already. According to Wikipedia, “The 3rd Generation Partnership Project is a standards organization which develops protocols for mobile telephony”. However, says “pundits continue to site 3GPP as the standards organization responsible for 5G which is doubly wrong because it’s not a standards body and submits its 5G/IMT 2020 proposals to ITU-R WP 5D via the latter organizations member entities.”

5 Wireless IoT Communication Trends To Watch In 2020 February 10, 2020 Forbes magazine talks about how everything is going wireless according to Gartner forecast From 5G and Wi-Fi 6 to Bluetooth 5.0 and standard-based low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) protocols. They believe that wireless will take a big maturity leap in 2020. Forbes also notes that full 5G vision is expected to be released by 3GPP. The date was just pushed to June 2020 if all goes well read further to find out why.

What is 5G standard update or 5G Phase2?

3GPP delays updates Release 16 and 17 due to covid and no face to face meetings. 3GPP 5G Phase 2 release will include new tech for ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) along with a massive amount of improvements from mobility, energy consumption and advanced technology spectral efficiency over the current release. Forbes further mentions “However, devices and equipment incorporating the new features are further down the road.”

Wireless Expense Management and Service Agreement Information

Wireless Contracts Ever Changing:

Since wireless contracts and agreements are constantly changing it is best to check with your wireless provider for latest contract info and updates as we can’t keep this page updated quickly enough. We focus on your telecom bills and latest billing errors more than we do on marketing our website.

Do any wireless or cell phone providers offer services without a two year service agreement?

T-Mobile has the Un-contract. T-Mobile un-contract is a guarantee from T-Mobile that as long as you’re a T-Mobile client your rates will not go up, all without the restrictions of signing a long-term wireless contract. In fact, T-Mobile advertises that your rates may go down, but they will never go up. There are bring your own device plans, shared data plans, installment plans, and now leases are also available.

Can you tell me what monthly installment plans are available on wireless devices?

T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint offer wireless plans that allow you to pay your phone bill off in monthly payments. This gives your business a savings discount, and the ability to obtain a new wireless device every year or so if the old wireless phone is returned to the provider. T-Mobile has a plan called Jump, Sprint has a plan called Easy Pay Early Upgrade, and the AT&T’s wireless plan is called Next. Verizon has a device payment plan that took the place of the Edge plan. Verizon’s monthly device payments gives the flexibility of getting the most current devices by making monthly payments over time rather than paying for it all up front.

How soon can I upgrade my Verizon wireless device using Edge or monthly device payment plan?

To upgrade your Verizon wireless phone you need to pay 75% of the wireless device fee, then you can upgrade.

Name some of the smaller wireless service providers or prepaid carriers?

So, companies like MetroPCS, Cricket, Straight Talk, Boost Mobile, and Consumer Wireless may be able to reduce your monthly wireless expense. Auditel recommends you checkout all the pros and cons before making any decision.

Wireless Expense Management Policy and Benchmarking

Does Auditel offer wireless protection policy and/or benchmarking procedures?

Auditel can build your wireless policy plan for recapture of lost savings and mobile cost reductions. We will set up wireless benchmarks and mobility policy for added wireless protection and security against fraud and misuse. Additionally, Auditel telecom expense management analysis will locate the flaws or weakness in the telecom network and the network security infrastructure. Our wireless expense management analysis optimizes existing network utilization by reviewing the wireless inventory, with actual services used against telecom services billed. Wireless and mobile technology is constantly changing and can be very challenging. Moreover, wireless benchmarking and mobile policy are important. In summary, we recommend checking with your IT Management team regarding wireless policy or benchmarking to suggest these procedures be put in place.

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