Auditel telecom expense management services


Has Telecom Expense Management Software Delivered Any Refunds Lately?

We get various answers to the question – has your telecom expense management software delivered refunds lately? This is a question we ask the Controller, CFO, CEO, and CIO and most reply that they realize some monthly savings, but are unsatisfied with telecom refund results.  Your telecom expense audit should be delivering telecom refunds along with network inventory management. A telecom expense management software checkup, with inventory and training can be a valid alternative.

Taking a Second Look at Your Current TEM Solution

After twenty seven years of conducting telecom expense audits (mainly from client referrals) Auditel has made a difference.  Auditel’s team of telecom analyst review your network and current telecom expense management software solutions. We file telecom disputes that deliver maximum refunds that would otherwise be lost.  Auditel’s go behind audits are essentially competitor telecom audit projects that didn’t yield large refunds, or the client was unsatisfied with the results of their telecom audit. Our network inventory management solutions provide so much more than just lowering telecom expense and obtaining highest refunds.

Lowering Telecom Expenses

Lowering telecom expenses should be on the top of every CFO’s list, however, they turn this job over to their telecom manager whose platter is already full and expect telecom refunds to magically appear.  Without telecom tariff and contract training added with years of knowledge and experience in bill auditing the results can’t compare to those of a team dedicated to your telecom expense management bill cost reduction solutions.

Not Your Average Telecom Inventory

Auditel gives more than just a telecom invoice audit. Aside from providing the maximum refunds and largest savings, there is also the telecom inventory.  We don’t deliver an average telecom inventory copied from your telecom billing online portal.  It’s a much deeper dive into your telephone lines, circuits, PRI, VOIP, cell phones, data, network inventory management and internet services.  It’s an in-depth look at the actual telecom services, their location, any added features, usages, plans, telecom contract management and so much more. Our network inventory management incorporates services, usages and corporate expense reduction.

Auditel TEM brings 100% contingency telecom expense auditing!

Auditel gives telecom audit training during our telecom expense audits and offers additional training for those who want to handle their own telecom expense management to maintain their own audit.  Our telecom training provides much more than the telecom software management can provide.  Knowledge is powerful and with it comes largest recovery!

There are alternatives to paying monthly fees for Telecom Expense Management Software

Telecom bill auditing and telecom expense management services by Auditel are based on a contingency fee.  If there is no telecom refund or savings realized, then there is no fee from us.  Telecom software alone is not the answer.  There is no investment with Auditel telecom expense management and telecom expense audit services. Find out why so many business have chosen Auditel. You can watch a video and hear from some clients as  Auditel is interviewed by Alexander Haig.