Auditel telecom expense management services


Telecom Cost Management

Telecom cost management solutions from Auditel include all voice services plus wireless cost management services. Our expertise will eliminate and remove the mistakes in business telecom invoices. We correct and file telecom disputes for errors and mistakes found within inaccurate telecom invoices.  Auditel also finds inadvertent over payments and recovers these telecom refunds from the service providers where documented over payment has occurred.

Auditel can track and document all the changes that appear in monthly telecom invoices. For questions within your telecom contracts, please consider Auditel cost management solutions. When telecom inventory isn’t managed monthly, your company loses sight of services, usages and ultimately savings. Auditel provides inventory with our telecom cost management services. We provide corporate cost management services to deliver continual monitoring of your telecom services, telecom contracts, and all the telecom expenses inside your telecom invoices.

Do we need to buy telecom software to use Auditel services?

With our telecommunication cost management solutions and telecom reporting you can manipulate inter-office software data without purchasing telecom software. There is no need to buy expensive telecom software with Auditel’s telecom management solution.

Auditel cost management services provide accurate Telecom Inventory Management with General Ledger Code delivery, location coding, and customization available.
Our telecom accuracy and attention to details results in corporate expense reduction and telecom refunds in your phone bills without loss of any telecom services you require.

Greater visibility into your telecommunication cost with a telecom service inventory for all locations. Our telecom cost management information and telecom inventory management reporting dashboards are exceptional.

Some of our clients include: Medical, Retail, Manufacturing, Banks, City, County, State, and Federal Government, Schools, and Corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

Customized telecom reporting can be tailored per clients’ requirements for optimum results and telecom savings. We can customize and telecom report as per your requests with no software to purchase.

Telecom cost management reporting services:

We provide detailed analytical reports for senior management and process owners. Furthermore, these cost management reports are generated on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.  The reports include validation of telecom bills, authorizing bills for payment, providing accrual reports, and traffic analysis.  Additional reports include usage patterns, wireless bill plan changes, data circuit analysis, frame relay, and internet utilization analysis.

Do you find savings when you audit the telecom taxes?

Auditel has developed high levels of telecom tax and surcharge knowledge which allows us to conduct “go behind” telecom audits.  You’d be surprised to find how many telecom refunds that are left behind in telecom billings once another auditing company has completed their  telecom audit. In fact, even our competitors bring telecom audits to us for review to see if we can deliver more telecom recovery or savings once they have completed their work.

After providing telecom audit services for the past 27 years our client base still continue to grow and expand. Auditel provides the highest cost reduction along with a complimentary telecom training, and telecom inventory with each full audit. We provide telecom tax management among other services. Telecom tax audits involve manual review of taxes associated with telecom expenses. For example, a client with Pan-American presence can be subjected to several state and federal tax obligations. This can become quite complex, cumbersome, expensive and almost impossible for a client to track in-house with multi-location situations. Let Auditel expense management solutions work for your business with no out of pocket expense! Our savings and recovery pay for our telecom service solutions.

With Auditel telecom cost management solutions there is NO risk. It’s like having a CPA review your telecom bills and then only paying for results.

Telecom Cost Management Solution and Consulting:

Auditel experienced telecom analysts have the knowledge and resources needed to give accurate telecom consulting advice for all telecom management related services. In fact, we are a leader in the world of telecommunications. So, Auditel takes all the challenge and guesswork out of your telecom services and contracts. Moreover, Auditel has some of the best telecom analysts in the industry.  Each with the skills necessary to bring the highest value to our clients. Moreover, we supply accurate telecommunication consulting advice to bring the best value to our clients. Additionally, we add protection clauses into your contracts, validate information, and obtain the best competitive rates available. Auditel can investigate your company policy, benchmarking and telecom contracts and deliver best tactics to generate highest savings and value for your company year after year.

What does Auditel include in the corporate expense reduction solutions and services?

Telecom management includes wireless and wired service optimization, fixed and wireless contract compliance. In addition to telecom billing consolidation, and centralized landline inventory, we add wireless invoice consolidation. In summary, Auditel professionals manage and control expenses by staying current with technology updates giving our business clients insight into all voice, digital and analog services. Technology updates are important to growing business we keep our clients updated on all the telecom service impacting changes in the industry including any new telecom discounts and options available to maximize their expense management for both wired and wireless savings.