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Take the Auditel Challenge

What is the Auditel Challenge? Ever heard of telecom expense management or wireless expense management? Or have you ever taken the time to look at your corporate telecom expenses? If not, do you have anyone looking at your contracts, and finding out what is inside telecom and wireless expenses? Technology brings change and along with that expenses change as well. So, looking into the invoices and telecom expenses is a challenge all by itself. Additionally, if you take the time to make a phone call to the service providers and after minutes turn into hours you may give up. You take the first step to look at the total expense of the bills you locate. But is that all of your bills? Are you certain that you are using all the services and need all the fees associated with these invoices? Auditel researches those things along with taxes, and tariff.

What is Wireless Expense Management?

Wireless expense management aka enterprise mobility management is basically a review of all your wireless expenses, mobile assets, and services, data cards, usages, and wireless agreements. We dig out the full details behind all the telecom and wireless expenses on the telecom bills you locate. Next we look for those you can’t lay your hands on easily. In the Auditel challenge we locate contracts and terms of the telecom agreements too. We work on your behalf not for the service providers to put together the entire telecom road map including landlines.

What is Telecom Expense Management

Now you know what wireless expense management is. But how is telecom expense management different? Telecom expense management is not just the landlines that are making the fax and alarm lines function. TEM is a review of all your non wireless expenses and services, VOIP, circuits, data usages, internet, including network and the corporate service agreements. We ferret out and analyze the details behind all the telecom expenses including all the addendums, contracts and terms within all of your telecom agreements.

More on the Auditel challenge?

So, the Auditel challenge is about showing your how technology changes. We do the work and analysis so that you can work on your job and manage it better by taking control of business expenses. We do our best to find mistakes that lead to telecom refunds and telecom savings too. Locating telecom expenses and their fees is only part of the options we deliver. Because the Auditel challenge results in a deeper review of technology spend.

The Auditel challenge brings telecom expense control back to you. By giving you a full view of your business phone bills, data, and wireless expenses including contracts. With the Auditel challenge we discover ways to bring refunds and savings and give you the options. It’s not just calculations that we monitor but it’s the tariff, taxes, the exemptions that you could take that no one explained to you for the past ten years.

Steps for the Auditel Challenge

First, the Auditel challenge is about showing you how technology changed. Second, it’s about finding the difference we can make inside your wireless expenses, phone bills, VOIP, and other telecom services before you sign any contract or agreement to work with Auditel. Next, we review your bills and you benefit. In summary, what’s the catch? Well, if you like the Auditel challenge (like the findings we locate inside your wireless and telecom bills) then you can decide to work with us. Auditel will help your business realize the telecom refunds and savings if you choose to work with us. And if you choose not to work with us, we part friends.

Take the Auditel challenge, you will be glad that you did. Give us a call or message us today. Moreover, we have no interest in changing your service provider or selling you any equipment or services. So, take the Auditel challenge to find out if technology has left telecom refunds inside your paid phone, wireless, or data bills. In summary, we analyze voice, data, MPLS, wireless, and more to find refunds in the bills your team may never discover without our help. Call us today 800-473-5655.