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For free Auditel telecom whitepapers please call our office. We provide a complimenary consultation to discuss your business service needs. Over the past century we have provided enough information to train our competitors so we are not posting our telecom whitepapers. For information regarding telecom training or for those looking to increase their telecom knowledge please give our office a call.  These white papers are only given to our clients after we begin their audit process, or training workshops. Moreover, these telecom whitepapers give extensive information on our core process for telecom expense management delivery. With step by step procedures and guidelines for our process flow.  Telecom expense management is more than looking at the tops of telephone, telecom bills, data bills, wireless billings and mobile charges.

Auditel Telecom WhitePapers include information on the following:


More on Whitepapers and Telecom Expense Management

The telecom expense management telecom whitepapers provide step by step procedures and audit controls.  Telecom whitepapers for TEM give information on timelines, telecom billing structure, inner core knowledge, and telecom service structure.  This business telecom billing knowledge can give you just the answers you’ve been looking for in your telecom department. How can each department keep track of telecom orders placed by another department?  Knowing how to place orders for telecom installation and order processing with defined record keeping is include in telecom whitepapers.  Who monitors your telecom services to see if telephone services were installed, or invoiced properly?  Who is in charge of monitoring telecom contract expirations?  These are just a few questions included in our telecom whitepapers.  We also include these guidelines in our telecom training workshops.


Telecom billing correction is more than a quick fix.  Bill corrections are more than cancelling unused service features, or lines. We research your companies billing optimization, and the best pricing for the services you use and need. No need to worry about service provider change as we don’t sell any equipment or telecommunications services.  Our core process is the telecom bill audit of phone, wireless, data, and all telecom service type bill expense management.  We read contract and give our recommendations to some of the largest business in the US and abroad. If contract terms and conditions matter, then don’t overlook this opportunity to have a consultation with Auditel.

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In addition, we are now offering our telecom training workshops to business.  Call us for class openings and tailored training workshops.  In fact, within our telecom training we may tailor the course to include auditing a sampling of your bills. So, this would include giving your team the investigation techniques and core process we follow to audit any telecom bill with ease. We give you our templates, our guidelines, and working knowledge to forge through your business telecom bills with management skill set.

In summary, Auditel telecom whitepapers give your business a detailed look at the process and guidelines used in each telecom and phone bill audit performed by Auditel.

Finally, we recommend taking a look at some of our client testimonials  and client interviews for more examples of everyday savings. For all of your business telecom options call 1-800-473-5655 and ask for a free consultation now.