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Wireless Refund

Can our Accounts Payable department find a wireless refund?

Many organizations make an effort to locate discrepancies in their wireless invoices to locate and attempt to claim a wireless refund in their mobile data, cell phone and wireless bills. Investigating invoices for a wireless refund or telecom recovery is a tedious and time-consuming task, and frankly, this isn’t the core job for the AP department personnel. These employees may not have the expertise or training to talk with the telecom service providers regarding tariff, taxes, or billing mistakes. Most AP departments we’ve worked with are understaffed. With the number of bills coming in monthly, it’s a huge job just paying them before late fees occur.

We’ve found it to be rare occurence for an intercompany telecom audit to produce a sizeable wireless refund. Since Auditel delivers highest wireless refunds and savings with no risk and no investment the choice is simple.

What types of communication service are audited for a wireless refund?

Auditel can provide a wireless refund audit for your business bringing the highest telecom tax recovery and savings results at no risk and with no investment! We will audit wireless, mobile phones, cell phones, smart phones, include the mobile network (all mobile devices using wireless data) mobile data cards, connect cards, or broadband modem, Wi-Fi mobility, and hotspot, turbo hotspot, mobile devices, laptops, tablets, Blackberry, Android phones, wireless security alarms, I-phone, data cards for laptops, and provide all Mobile TEM for your company.

What process does Auditel use to obtain a wireless refund?

After we gather all the wireless invoices we start to build your entire wireless inventory including all the various types of mobile services. Next, Auditel reviews the wireless agreement for contract commitments on revenue.  In addition we examine the contract expiration, and wireless contract termination clauses.

Our wireless refund investigation goes deeper as we determine all the services for each mobile device, smartphone usage, data usages, and compare these usages with the service agreement. We then review the complete wireless contract terms and conditions detail, the client adherence to contract compliance, any factors or issues with meeting current agreements revenue commitment (if any), including any service issues encountered during the agreement. When we locate mistakes, overcharges, and tariff violations, we file wireless disputes for them along with any telecom errors or wireless overcharges found during our historical review of the mobile invoices. We follow the wireless dispute to full completion. We mark a dispute completed once the wireless refund check or credit show on the invoice.

What steps should be followed before changing wireless service providers?

Auditel recommends a wireless refund audit before making and changes to your services.  We provide a no risk, no investment refund audit. If you are moving or changing service providers, we recommend waiting to cancel all services until after a wireless audit. It’s best to have a telecom refund audit conducted by professionals with no relationship or connection with telecom service providers. In summary, Auditel is unbiased and has no relationship with any service providers and receives no commission from any of them for any recommendations, adds, moves, or changes made within your wireless audit.

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