Auditel telecom expense management services


Telecom Reporting

Telecom Reporting it just makes sense. Does Auditel provide telecom expense management reporting for business?

We provide telecom expense management reporting services that are useful to manage and forecast the future wired, fixed landline, and data budget. Auditel detailed telecom reports are a great tool for senior management and process owners. These detailed TEM reports are generated on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis including validation of telecom bills, authorizing bills for payment (telecom payment authorization reports).  We also deliver telecom accounting accrual reports, traffic analysis reports, usage pattern reports, data circuit analysis reports, frame relay reports, MPLS usage reports, internet broadband usage reports, and service utilization analysis reports. Telecom Expense Management Reporting by Auditel for monitoring and tracking services. Our telecom expense management reporting and inventory  bring highest recovery and savings for TEM.

How does Auditel’s telecom expense management reporting stand out from the competition?

Auditel does the extra work needed to go above and beyond any telecom expense management reporting software product or telecom reporting dashboard service on the market.  Furthermore, we capture every mistake in each telecom bill. We identify the tax, such as tariff and billing mistakes.  We track usages and telecom billing mistakes back to service inception.

Auditel Telecom Reporting works!

Auditel files disputes on telecom billing errors capturing highest recovery in telecom audit services. After we have captured all your telecom billing errors we file disputes with each Service Provider. We track these orders in our Auditel dashboard reporting tool, and follow each of the orders to full completion. We deliver highest telecom cost savings and recovery on wired, wireless, and data services.  Additional to our savings and telecom reporting, we provide at no additional costs, a detailed complimentary telecom inventory. While you are here, check out of telecom glossary and tech updates. We keep old and new phone dictionary terms to keep you updated.

Can we get refunds on late fees found in our telecom invoices?

With Auditel telecom reporting payment authorization dashboard you can stay in control of late fees.  If you receive notice of late fees there is either a hold up in accounts payable department, or in your payment authorization process.  Additionally, Auditel can manage your telecom procurement and reduce your costs for telecom order process provisioning.  So, Auditel keeps accurate records for each order placed and this allows your company to manage and forecast future budget and reduce late fees.

Greater visibility on telecom service inventory for all locations with Auditel’s telecom inventory management and telecom reporting dashboards.

Do we need to buy telecom software to review telecom reporting from Auditel?

Auditel has the telecom expense management reporting knowledge your company needs.  There is no risk with our telecom audits. There are no telecom software investment requirements. We deliver our telecom dashboard reporting tool in an easy to manipulate format that most companies use on a regular basis. There is no need to pay money up front for our services. Certainly, Auditel telecom expense management reporting can be managed without learning a new process.  There is no need for spending weeks to get training in order to operate an expensive telecom software tool, or constantly calling a telecom software technician for updates. Our telecom service fee is based upon contingency so our clients only pay for our results. So, Auditel waits to submit our invoice until our clients receive their telecom refunds.

Wireless Reporting

What reports do you provide for wireless services?

Auditel mobile expense management reports are useful to manage and forecast the future mobile budget. We produce wireless rate plans reports, mobile feature reports, active/non-active mobile device analysis reports. However, Auditel also delivers mobile phone analysis reports smartphone analysis reports, data card reports, wireless plan reports, hotspot reports.  Additionally, our usage reports, wireless bill plan change reports, and mobile bill payment authorization reporting help to reduce late fees. We also provide International mobile plan, and wireless roaming reports.  In summary, Auditel’s expense management reporting has saved our clients millions.