Auditel telecom expense management services


Wireless Auditing

What fees do you charge for wireless auditing?

Auditel conducts the audit for our clients at no risk and no investment. We work on a contingency based approach (some call it a gain/share model, and others success fee). Clients fees are a portion of the refunds and or wireless savings. We are so confident and certain that we can deliver highest recovery and savings that we wait to invoice our fees until after the clients bill shows the results for wireless recovery and savings. Wireless recovery is a historical recapture of funds your company has already paid to wireless Service Providers. In addition to the wireless expense management savings and recovery Auditel wireless auditing dashboards and reports don’t require purchasing software.

Wireless Technology

In telecom, the wireless environment and wireless technology change almost monthly, billing changes frequently, and employees make spur of the moment travel plans that make tracking their bills a must! Mobile phone, smartphones, tablets, including any wireless service with a data card can be audited for best mobile cost reduction. Also, learn more tech terms and glossary in our old and new telecom dictionary.

Give your employees more efficient services, give them flexibility and you will see positive results. Some of our wireless auditing concepts are outside the knowledge and experience of your internal Team, however we teach this knowledge during the audit.  After the audit your team will have a better understanding of fees, plans, contracts, and services. We deliver cost savings recommendations that require no risk, no investment, and no need for wireless service provider changes.

What service area does Auditel provide wireless auditing?

With our presence in many locations we provide a global service covering most parts of world including, North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America and Australia.

What is wireless bill optimization?

Our experts produce wireless optimization by identifying incorrect wireless rate plans, pooling plan optimization, while delivering feature, and usage analysis. Wireless contract compliances ensure clients only pay applicable contract and tax rates by delivering: wireless analysis reports on smartphones, blackberry, data cards, and telecom service optimization. We create telecom policy and wireless company policy benchmarking.  Auditel will consolidate all your telecom bills including wireless billing accounts.

What reports are available with Auditel telecom expense management services?

We provide detailed analytical reports for senior management, in addition to process owners. Reports include validation of telecom bills, authorizing bills for payment, providing accrual reports, traffic analysis, usage patterns, wireless bill plan changes, data circuit analysis, frame relay, and internet broadband usages and utilization.

Some wireless bill reductions found in wireless auditing

Tariff Investigations on wireless billing errors and billing inaccuracies produce high recoveries and refunds. However, telecom taxes are often the largest cost reduction in wireless bills that is overlooked. Unfortunately most companies don’t know whether they qualify for any telecom tax exemptions. Auditel reviews wireless bills to locate unclaimed tax exemptions, and misapplied taxes in addition, telecom surcharges and fees are reviewed for accuracy.

Auditel can analyze all of your wireless taxes and telecom regulatory fees, furthermore these fees have risen to over 20% in most telecom bills. We pay close attention to all wireless taxes including Local, City, County, State, and Federal taxes. Surcharges increase with usage, therefore Auditel finds them a necessary item to review. Some telecom regulatory fees, taxes, and surcharges include: 911 fees, and Federal Excise Tax.

Because Auditel provides the highest wireless recovery and savings available along with complimentary wireless inventory with each full audit, there is no risk and no investment.We work on a contingency based approach (some call it a gain/share model, and others name contingency as a success fee). We wait to invoice our fees until after the actual bill shows the results for wireless recovery

No Upfront Costs with Auditel Wireless Auditing

What is the fee for an Auditel wireless inventory?

Our telecom inventory is included with our full wireless audit so there is no added cost to obtain telecom service provider, billing account information, contract expiration, service location, and service description. But these account for only a few of the items included with our telecom inventory. With Auditel wireless inventory our clients gain a full view of all mobile devices, data cards, hot spots, tablets, and all wireless device usages, and plans,

While auditing your telecom expenses Auditel provides efficient timely results, less client resources, and clear wireless inventory.  So, our audit comes with no risk and no investment. Auditel brings the highest wireless recovery and savings for less cost and we can help with contract termination too!

Wireless Expense Management

We’ve been providing our wireless expense management solutions for over 30 years. The Auditel team knows how to conduct an audit timely, and accurately the first time. Our service process is streamlined with built in quality controls and timelines equally important to bringing the highest savings. We encourage business to centralize telecom billing structure to gain added leverage with wireless Vendors.  This results in reducing the number of telecom agreements and contracts. Auditel performs wireless bill consolidation after the wireless audit is completed.

More on Wireless Auditing

Combining wireless contracts and service agreement locally, regionally, and across the country with wireless consolidation will always decrease AP costs, late fees, and show high savings on the telecom budget. Auditel bills on a contingency based fee (success fee or gain/share model). We are so confident in our wireless auditing service process that we provide a no risk, no investment wireless audit that delivers the highest recovery and savings sometimes called the Auditel Challenge.

The Auditel Challenge has brought many clients vision into their telecom spend with efficient findings. We’d like for you to check out how our services can help you manage your telecom spend. Because, reducing invoice expenses works hand in hand with telecom inventory management.