Auditel's telecom expense management services


Telecom Cost Control

Auditel telecom cost control and wireless expense management services will eliminate the mistakes in telecom invoices. We identify, and file telecom disputes for mistakes, inaccurate invoices, and inadvertent overpayments and recover these telecom refunds from the service providers.

Auditel telecom cost control: Auditel’s experienced telecom team gives accurate telecom findings and recommendations. We are a leader in the world of telecommunications auditing. We take all the challenge and guesswork out of your telecom services and contracts. The Auditel team has some of the best telecom professionals in the industry. Each member of our team has the skills necessary to bring the highest savings and value to our clients. We add protection clauses into your contracts, validate information, and obtain the best competitive rates available while conducting telecom service optimization.

What kind of telecom billing errors does Auditel find?

Auditel uncovers  billing errors and mistakes within telecommunication invoices as part of telecom cost control.  We locate overpayments made to telecom service providers, and vendors.  Additionally, errors may be the result of incorrect rates based upon established telecom tariffs, tariff violations, duplicate payments, or pricing errors. Some billing errors come from erroneous payments, others are from client invoices paid to incorrect telecom vendors.

How can we reduce the number of telecom invoices we receive monthly?

Centralized invoices are telecommunication invoices that are sent to one single client location for billing.  It is more efficient to have all telecom invoices mailed to one location.  Corporate business headquarters can keep all invoices in one place for faster invoice payment processing and easier telecom expense management. De-centralized invoices occur when client invoices are delivered to many various service addresses.

How long does the Auditel telecom cost control process take?

We file disputes on billing errors and tariff violations for telecom recovery / telecom refunds within only a few short weeks after we begin your telecom project. Auditel investigates your telecom invoices along with your services, using our knowledge and professional forensic telecom expertise.  We identify any telecom service, feature, or usage is valid before filing dispute.  Each dispute is followed to completion.  Sometimes the final recovery may take 3-4 months depending on the amount of the telecom recovery.

What type of findings and errors can we expect with Auditel telecom cost control?

Our teams of Professionals uncover mistakes deep within telecom services to include fixed lines, wired circuits, wireless, smartphones, mobile phones, data cards, MPLS, VOIP, SD-Wan, and internet services. These errors may be the result of fraud, cramming, slamming, incorrect taxes, or additional surcharges applied.

There is No risk with our telecom cost control management!

How do we know if our telecom data services (high speed internet, cable, DSL, or broadband circuits) are performing at their maximum levels?

With Auditel telecom service optimization we review each service in detail.  We analyze each telecom service and feature as we investigate.    We run analysis and traffic studies to identify any lines under- provisioned (lines giving busy signals, or service interruption messages) or over-provisioned. With our telecom cost control, it’s not necessary to change service providers or carriers to reduce costs. Additionally we leverage the services from all of client locations and give the latest technology information available to provide the best data service optimization.

Can you define wireless cost management optimization service?

Our experts produce wireless cost management optimization by identifying incorrect wireless rate plans, pooling plan optimization, while delivering feature, and usage analysis. Auditel reviews wireless contract compliances checking applicable contract language and tax rates.  Some of our optimization reporting includes: wireless analysis reports on smartphones, IPhones,  blackberry, data cards, and telecom service optimization. We create telecom policy and company benchmarking. Auditel will consolidate all your telecom bills including wireless billing accounts.

Can you find savings by auditing telecom taxes?

Auditel continues to increase our telecom tax and surcharge knowledge. Overall, this allows us to conduct “go behind” telecom audits.  Auditel client’s are happy to learn how many telecom refunds we find hidden within their telecom billings, after another firm has completed their audit.  Even our competitors bring telecom audits to us for review to see if we can deliver more telecom recovery or savings once they have completed their work.  After providing telecom audit services for the past 23 years our audit services and client base still continue to grow and expand.

Do we need to buy telecom software to work with Auditel?

Auditel has the telecom audit services knowledge your company needs without purchasing costly telecom software, or paying for audit services you really don’t need.  Equally important, we provide telecom audit and inventory reporting to make it simple for the client to manage.

With our cost control clients learn what’s inside their telecom contracts and gain control of their telecom costs with our inventory.

Can wireless cost control bring telecom savings?

After we gather all the wireless invoices we start to build clients entire wireless inventory.  Simultaneously, we conduct a full detailed telecom audit of all other type mobile services.  Wireless agreements are also reviewed to determine if there are any contract revenue commitments.  Next we review the contract expiration and contract termination clauses.  Our wireless expense investigation goes further as we investigate all the services for each mobile device, smartphone usage, data usages, and compare these usages with the service agreement.  We then review the complete wireless contract details, the client adherence to contract compliance, any factors or issues with meeting current agreements volume revenue, including any service issues encountered during the agreement. When we locate mistakes, overcharges, and tariff violations, we file mobile disputes. We also file disputes for any telecom errors or wireless overcharges found during our historical review of the mobile invoices.

What is the fee for telecom inventory?

Our telecom inventory is included with our full telecom audit.  There is no fee for it since we include it with the audit.  Some items included in the inventory are: telecom service provider, billing account information, contract expiration, service location, and service descriptions.

Auditel conducts telecom cost reduction and wireless cost management monthly.  There is no hourly fee (unless they request hourly billing), and no hidden fees for services rendered.  Furthermore, we are confident in our capability to deliver highest savings!  There is no risk with telecom cost control, and no up-front fees.