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Telecom Workshop Training Phase 2 Traffic Studies


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Telecom Workshop Training Phase 2: Telephone Traffic Studies Training

How can my business be certain that all of our calls are reaching our office during and after business hours?

With Auditel telephone traffic studies training your staff could analyze your current lines and determine just how many times you are missing calls, and capture the exact number of phone lines your location needs. Are all of your customers reaching you? Are you certain that you maintain the correct number of incoming phone lines for each of your locations? How many customers are you missing due to incorrect number of lines at your locations or call centers? Our students learn how to accurately analyze the line studies to make correct recommendations for your business.

Are there phone lines at locations that should have been canceled long ago, but have been long since forgotten? Evaluate the quantity of telephone lines needed with Auditel telephone traffic studies training. Don’t risk loss of any telephone service due to cancel of necessary phone lines. Are your 800#s reaching your business locations? How long has it been since all of your business lines were dialed to check them for any service outages? Customers and interested clients may not pick up the phone to redial your busy number, or alert you to a phone line outage.

Telecom Workshop Training Phase 2 Course Description:

Students learn through Phase 2 Auditel telephone traffic studies training workshop how to read, analyze and calculate telephone line traffic studies. Traffic studies are also known as line studies and busy studies. Outgoing call attempts are tracked as well as monitored by the local service provider for a chosen period of time. Consequently, the number of calls dialed out from a particular telephone number are monitored and the call count is noted as the telephone line is used. Terminating calls are tracked and monitored to show telephone records of all termination call attempts and some details. The call details are shown in logs with busy calls, number of calls that are answered, and finally the number of call attempts with no answer.

Auditel teaches students how to read and analyze telephone traffic studies to determine how many lines are used, and needed. We give the process knowledge and skills to analyze the telephone traffic studies and calculate usages accordingly from the line studies (busy studies).Auditel training helps a student measure the effectiveness of a particular telephone line, how many times it reached the desired called number, and how many times a caller was able to reach the particular telephone line.

You will learn how to

Phase II Qualifications:

This course is only available with Phase I completion. For Telecom Department Professionals as well as students in training learning the steps necessary to Develop and maintain a Telecom Department.