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Telecom Audit Services

Every business needs a telecom expense audit to gain maximum control over technology spend, it can’t be done quickly without telecom audit services, consider taking the Auditel challenge. A telecom expense audit sounds a little scary, but not for you.  We audit telecom expenses on your behalf not the service providers. We provide “go behind” telecom audits. Our clients are surprised to find out how many leftover telecom refunds are found hidden in their telecom billings. Furthermore, some of our competitors bring telecom audits to us for review to get additional telecom recovery.  For the past 29 plus years Auditel has provided excellent telecom expense audit services, consequently we continue to grow and expand. The Auditel challenge brings your business insight into your telecom expenses. However, to gain control a full telecom audit provides the highest cost reduction along with a complimentary telecom inventory. Technology auditing is key.

We want to open your eyes to telecom savings!

Is there a need to buy telecom software to work with Auditel?

Auditel has the telecom audit services knowledge your company needs without purchasing costly telecom software, or paying for telecom expense audit services you really don’t need. We provide software templates using tools you already have with reporting that can be manipulated.  This eliminates the customer from learning a new telecom expense management software tool. Additionally, it removes the added maintenance and fees a telecom software technician charges for updates. Auditel works on a contingency fee basis, likewise, we wait for the savings and recovery to be reflected on the telecom invoices before we invoice for our services. For a simple view of your telecom services learn more about the Auditel challenge.

Auditel challenge

Take the Auditel Challenge find out if there are savings or refunds in your bills.

What is the Auditel Challenge?

Do you ever take a moment to look inside your phone bills? That alone is a challenge most cringe at the thought of, plus making a call to the phone company. First of all you won’t get an answer to your call you will get put on hold. The dreaded hold music ugh. Look closely at this owl, can you see that both eyes seem to be looking at different things? Auditel takes a deep dive into your business phone bills and we discover ways to bring telecom refunds and savings. It’s not just calculations that we monitor but telecom tariff, taxes, the exemptions that your company could take that no one has ever explained to you.

The Auditel challenge is about showing you the difference we can make inside your phone bills without any contract or agreement. Moreover, we review your mobility, network, VOIP bills and bring you benefits. What’s the catch? There is no catch! Additionally, we provide enterprise mobility expense management services and bring inventory! If you like our services you can work with us, if not, we part friends.

Take the Auditel challenge, it’s simple and costs nothing up front, and takes very few resources. Why not give us a call, or message us today to find out if technology has left refunds inside your paid phone, wireless, or data bills. We tackle voice, data, MPLS, wireless, and find telecom refunds in the bills your team will not discover without our help.

Telecom Audit Services and the Auditel Challenge

When you take the Auditel Challenge, we review your telephone bills and let you know if there are refunds or telephone bill savings. Next, you decide if you want to work together. Contingency Service means there is no fee if there are no telecom bill auditing findings. So, take the first step toward gaining telecom control with the Auditel challenge

Phone bill auditing and telecom bill auditing services

Contingency based auditing for phone bills and telecom bills

Can you explain how technology has changed and why telecom billing services continue to increase?

Looking back in telecom technology from the single fixed phone line (wired services) through the age of VOIP bandwidth continues to increase and telecom services continue to change. We now have SD-Wan, and 5G is the talk on the street and this will change soon. Telecom spend is a large number on the balance sheet of most businesses. A business needs more bandwidth to survive and grow. Although telecom costs continue to increase your telecom budget shouldn’t.

What telecom audit services does Auditel provide?

Auditel services include telecom auditing, telecom consulting, telecom expense management, and (TEM). In addition, we also offer telecom audit training services. Our clients appreciate the telecom bill management cost reduction solutions we deliver at the lowest costs on the market. Auditel delivers the maximum telecom savings with no money out of pocket. Auditel is paid based on the telecom savings we deliver, so if no telecom savings or telecom recovery is found, there are no fees. Plus we include a telecom inventory with full telecom audit.

What is the service area for Auditel telecom audit services?

With our presence in many locations we provide a global service covering most parts of the world. Our international reach includes North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America and Australia.

Does Auditel provide any other telecom expense audit services or work with any service providers to sell telecom services?

Telecommunication audit services require no carrier changes. We specialize in telecom bill audits, therefore we don’t diversify into any other telecom services or sales of any type. We remain unbiased.  This focus and dedication has made us an industry leader in telecom audit services and telecom expense management. Auditel remains at the forefront in technology. We have navigated through the telecom regulatory issues and telecom auditing compliance services. Additionally, we’ve watched changes in carrier services and Service Providers billings changed over twenty-seven plus years. We provide the best telecom audit and expense management services available for telecom voice, data, and wireless invoices. Additionally we include a full telecom inventory at no charge with a full telecom audit.

What other telecom audit services can Auditel provide?

Auditel stands out from the crowd by auditing the extra fees. These fees include telecom tariff, taxes, and 911 fees and surcharge investigation, including telecom recovery. Our telecom tax and deep knowledge of tariff set us apart from our competitors in telecom audit, 911 fee investigation, and recovery.

Can you describe some of the largest telecom cost reductions in the telecom audit?

Tariff Investigations on telecom billing errors and overcharges produce high recoveries and refunds, accordingly business telecom taxes often bring large cost reductions and recovery. Most companies overlook taxes and don’t know if they qualify for telecom tax exemptions. Auditel reviews unclaimed tax exemptions, and misapplied tax. The Auditel team reviews business telecom surcharges for accuracy. We review all of your telecom and telephone taxes, and telecom regulatory fees. These fees have risen to over 20% in most telecom bills.

Auditel pays attention to all taxes including Local tax, City tax, County tax, State tax, and Federal taxes. Moreover, surcharges increase with client usage making them a necessary item to review. Some telecom regulatory fees, taxes, and surcharges include: 911 fees, Federal Excise Tax, Local Number Portability (LNP) Charge, Interstate Access Charges (subscriber line charge), customer line charges,  Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Charge, Federal Access Recovery Fee, and in addition the Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) and commonly known as FUSF.

How do Auditel’s telecom expense audit services stand out from the competition?

Auditel cares above all about our clients and the work we do for them. We do our best to bring optimum savings and best pricing so that you have the best experience working with us. Clients say we go above and beyond any telecom software product on the market, thus our services include a deeper dive to captures every mistake in telecom bills. We identify the tax, tariff, and track usages and telecom billing mistakes back to inception. Let us bring your company a review of telecom technology expense.

What’s telecom invoice auditing?

Telecom invoice auditing is a detailed review of bills along with the data analysis of the various telecom services, and their related expenses. So, Auditel files disputes on the billing errors capturing highest recovery.  After we have captured all your telecom and phone billing errors we file disputes with each Service Provider. We track telecom orders to full completion, thus we deliver highest telecom cost savings and recovery on wired, wireless, and data services. Plus we provide at no additional costs, a detailed network inventory management with a full telecom expense audit.

Does Auditel provide telecom service optimization as part of their telecom services?

Auditel identifies each service used by our clients, in fact we provide network inventory management with our telecom bill audits. Our telecom optimization services determine if they have enough lines for their customer to reach their locations. First, by using a traffic study Auditel measures calls that reach their destination, the busy lines, in addition to those unanswered. Next, we report the telecom options available to our clients to eliminate lost customer calls. Finally, no business wants their client to reach disconnected lines, wrong numbers, incorrect advertised lines, or busy signals.

Do you know the answer to these telecom optimization questions?

Are your telecom services efficient? Is your business telecom data optimized? Does your company have their telecom voice lines optimized? Do you have wireless services optimized?

Auditel provides telecom audit services packed full of facts and options for our clients. In addition, our services don’t require the need to purchase costly telecom software. We uncover the details of each service and usage billed by the service providers, additionally we identify features, fees, and surcharges. Auditel telecom expense audit services will improve both the line and data optimization services, to ensure these services are working at full capacity. Unfortunately, we find that many business are not using all of their telecom services, although the services continue to bill. So, Auditel telecom audit services brings your business information to gain more telecom cost control.

Other Taxes and Surcharges 

Did you know that the E-Rate Program gives funding to help schools and libraries get big discounts from 20-90 percent? Also, there is a Connect America Fund that is basically a Federal Universal Service high cost program giving consumers fixed and wireless service in high-cost areas reduced or discounted pricing as if they were in urban areas.  Then there is the Lifeline service. The Lifeline servie gives subscribers a discount for monthly phone services, internet and broadband Internet access services. Moreover, the FCCs lifeline program makes communications services more affordable for low-income consumers.

Telecom Audit Services Summary

Customer service and client retention are important to every business. Moreover, for this we recommend your business consider Auditel telecom service optimization and taking the Auditel challenge. However, traffic studies, circuit and data analysis are only tools. We conduct traffic studies and know how to read the data analysis accurately. Telecom service providers only have a few staff capable of reading this data. Auditel provides this plus an audit program for telecommunications. Our telecom training course is very valuable and improves telecom knowledge and skills. So, voice over IP review, data and circuit usage analysis can drastically improve your telecom spend without affecting your day to day operations. Having enough bandwidth, circuits, or phone lines will ensure your clients reach you, not your competition. Telecom education is essential if your business has large telecom expense. In summary, we strongly recommend you take the Auditel Challenge.

Do you know your telecom and technology terms? Visit our telecommunications dictionary and glossary for old and new terminology.