Auditel telecom expense management services


Telecom Training More than a Workshop

Telecom Training gives corporate control of your telecom expenses. Auditel’s hands on telecom training workshops are not like any seminar or training available. Fast paced adrenaline pumping training second to none. You can’t help but get excited while auditing phone bills and finding refunds. We’ve been told that our training is like no other making difficult tariff, regulated charges, USOC codes, and taxes come to mind without memorization techniques. We bring IT and IT management teams a proven process we’ve used for over 26 years. Students improve telecom skills and increase knowledge bringing realized telecom savings and telecom refund results. After each telecom training we love to hear about the large refunds just captured, and reduced monthly savings that had been paid for years! Without Auditel telecom expense management training these results would have been lost. We want to help you and your team bring telecom expense management and telecom budget control back into your telecom expenses. Contact us at 800-473-5655