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Telecom Training Overview

Auditel telecom training courses are workshops not lectures or seminars. Our telecom training workshops are available in single day courses, or five day Auditel phase workshops for professionals. These telecom audit workshops are hands-on, in-depth training sessions using actual bills and real-life situations. Whether conducted at your site or one of ours, we teach your staff to ferret out telephone and telecom billing errors, communicate with service providers and get the telecom savings and bill recovery your business is due. CFO, CEO, CIO, Telecom Managers, Network Managers, Network Engineers, IT Management, Telecom Analyst, Project Management Teams, and Purchasing Managers frequent our training workshops.

Five-Day Phase Workshops for Professionals


Phase I: Telephone Training Workshop:

Will this course help us get back historical refunds from past billing discrepancies and overcharges?


Phase 2: Telephone Traffic Studies:

How can we be certain that our calls are reaching our business during and after business hours?


Phase 3: Telecom Long Distance, Data, Wireless Training:

Can we learn to calculate long distance call details full minute billing to incremental costs?

Auditel Inc. conducts hands-on workshops for telecom professionals at the company’s site or at a centralized location. Auditel training is available in five day workshops. Moreover, these workshops are separated into three phases.
Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. Our professional workshops are designed for your business.

Our business has constant growth and mergers, acquisitions. Does your telecom training process allow for changes during the audit?

Can Auditel provide in-depth skills and step by step process to help my telecom department reduce our telephone expenses?

We need to locate the phone, wireless, data, and internet mistakes inside our invoices. Can Auditel training teach us basic knowledge skills, and also help our telecom manager, and project management team during the training?

Does Auditel training increase the knowledge of all of my telecom staff, or is it just for managers?

If we need help with telecom order processing, can Auditel increase efficiency with order placement?

How can we obtain telephone and telecom bill recovery and obtain refunds our business overpaid on telecom bills?

Our business needs to keep track of our telephone inventory and telecom billings. Can Auditel provide an accurate recordkeeping report?

Single Day Training Workshops

Auditel has many phone and telecommunication audit training workshops designed to meet business and corporate training needs, whether you have a small company or large Fortune 500 corporations or business.


Telecommunications Training – Telecom Basics

We are looking for a basic telecommunications course or workshop that teaches us about the actual services behind the telephone bills. We need telephone and telecom dictionary terms. What is long distance basics? We need general knowledge of how to review a telephone invoice. Can Auditel provide this training? Yes, this is an introduction and overview to telecommunications. Students learn the basic telecom dictionary terms, and history of telecom services and billing with principles of telecommunications. Next, we educate your staff on the actual telephone service delivery from the central office to your desk.


Telecommunications Training – Basic Auditing

Can Auditel training workshops teach my staff how to discover billing errors and get refunds intelecom bills?
This training gives students knowledge in a telecom training workshop environment using actual bills to learn basic telecom bill step by step analysis. Furthermore, we teach your management staff the techniques procedures needed for large savings and recovery. Training helps the IT manager, Telecom Manager, and Network Manager uncover billing errors and tariff mistakes found within almost every telecommunications invoice. Students learn to recognize phone invoice overcharges and obtain phone and telecom credits and refunds from the service providers. As telecom is ever changing and telecom billing knowledge is needed for largest savings on future phone budget.


Telecommunications Training – One-Day Auditing Review

Can Auditel train us to audit our own telephone bills? If you have fewer than ten separate monthly business telephone bills, this training course is for you. Using your own telephone invoices, we train your personnel how to audit and analyze their bills. IT managers learn about the actual billed locations compared with services currently in use. Auditel teaches bill auditing steps and procedures on how to analyze bills through the workshop training process with actual bills. Telecom bill audit training skills and step by step bill auditing procedures bring largest savings and recovery.


Telecommunications Training – Order Provisioning

We need a system to help us place better telecom orders. Can Auditel provide order process and provisioning training?
When orders are not input correctly from the beginning costly telephone and telecom billing errors occur. Furthermore, having a solid process will reduce errors, and reduce the time it takes to manage telephone and telecom bill order process and provisioning. At completion of the telecom order process and provisioning workshop training IT Managers have increased knowledge of order procedures. In addition, this process will help each Telecom Manager become more efficient with working day to day knowledge. In fact, it will help them manage business order process, while keeping accurate records. We make it fun to learn the steps of telecom cost control.


Telecommunications Training – Basic Long Distance Auditing

Can Auditel teach my group how to understand the different types of long distance services for both incoming calls, and outgoing calls? During Auditel’s long distance training workshop students learn to identify the long distance usage on the bill. Moreover, students learn the types of usage, how to identify usages, separate call types, and calculate usages and cost per minute within the call details with the time and increments involved.

We explore long distance contract basics, which are essential in this course. In addition, the long distance recurring monthly fees are analyzed, along with the types of usages and billing methods. Moreover, this working training uses actual telephone and long distance bills to increase long distance skills. Next, your office can learn skills and procedures to analyze the telephone services, other charges including features, fees, usages, surcharges and taxes. All the while, Telecom Managers, and staff learn the questions to ask, and where to find the answers for recovery on all types of long distance bills, without changing or switching long distance providers.


Telecommunications Training – One-Day Telecom Manager Basics

We need a class or workshop for my telecom manager to learn heavy duty long distance knowledge. So, does Auditel offer this type workshop? In fact, this telecom workshop is designed for CFO, CEO, CIO, Telecom Manager, Network Managers, Network Engineers, IT Managers, IoT Managers, or any student with advanced telecom skills looking to audit large long distance invoices. Moreover, this workshop training includes contract review and initial increment calculating techniques.

Telecom Managers, and Network Managers learn to identify local usage, Intralata, Intrastate, Interstate, and International usages. Next, the students learn bill analytic techniques and process used for local telephone and long distance bills. In addition, we teach students to decipher long distance bills and uncover all the various fees, taxes and usages that are within these long distance bills. Telecom Training for managers helps management find any overcharges or billing errors located inside and outside their local telephone bills. Student must take Day 1 Telecommunications Training –Basic Long Distance Auditing in order to attend this course.


Accounts Payable Training– One Day

Does your business pay their own telecom bills monthly or outsource them? Your Accounts Payable department can save additional money on your telecom bills when phone and telecom bills are consolidated. However, most companies don’t have a trained billing auditor, and most have never had a detailed telecom audit, through no fault of their own. Your AP Department will not be able to identify tariff billing errors without telecom training. Most Accounts Payable departments are under such time constraints that they hardly have time to verify the site information for the telephone invoice before the telephone or telecom bill is due. When telephone bills are held too long for research late payment fees occur. In conclusion, Auditel telecommunications training will help your AP Department remove late fees from telecom invoices.

Training Workshop Pricing