Auditel telecom expense management services


Telecom Service Analysis

How can my company keep up with changing telecom pricing and service plan options? With Auditel telecom service analysis and telecom auditing, your business can stay updated monthly with the latest voice, data, wireless cost reduction options, discounts.  Additionally, we bring the latest technological information on telecommunication contracts to capture highest savings. Auditel telecom analysis delivers highest savings results, with many clients reducing their total telecom spend over 36%.  Auditel delivers telecom inventory management, bill processing, bill optimization, billing analysis, contract compliance, and telecom reports. No telecom software investment is required.  Our telecom analytics are known worldwide for delivering the maximum telecom savings and telecom recovery. In fact, our telecom analysis work from inside of the invoices and capture savings not always viewable on the top of the bill.  Auditel clients get detailed complimentary telecom inventory, along with the options available for telecom savings, refunds and recoveries.

Telecom Bill Auditing Brings Results!

Can you explain how technology has changed and why telecom billing services continue to increase? Looking back in telecom technology from the single fixed phone line (wired services) through the age of Voice Over IP (VOIP) bandwidth continues to increase and telecom services continue to change.  We now have SD-Wan as the talk on the street and this will change in a few days.  A business needs more bandwidth to survive and grow although telecom costs continue to increase. Telecom spend is a large number on the balance sheet of most business.

More on Telecom Service Analysis

Does Auditel provide any other telecom service analysis or work with any service providers to sell telecom services? Auditel telecommunication audit services require no carrier changes. We specialize in telecommunications audits and telecom bill management services. Furthermore, we don’t diversify into any other telecom services or sales of any type. This focus, and dedication has made us an industry leader in telecom audit services, and telecom expense management. Without doubt, Auditel remains at the forefront of technology. We have navigated through the telecom regulatory issues, changes in carrier services, and Service Providers billings, for the past twenty-six years. Undoubtedly, Auditel provides the best telecom service analysis and telecom audit services available for telecom voice, data, and wireless invoices and we include a full telecom inventory at no charge.

No Risk Telecom Service Analysis and Auditing

We provide “go behind” no risk telecom audits, and you’d be surprised to find out how many leftover telecom savings and refunds we find hidden in telecom billings after another telecom service audit company has already completed their telecom audit. Even our competitors bring telecom audits to us for review to see if we can deliver more telecom recovery or telecom savings once they have completed their work. After providing telecom audit services for the past 26 years our audit services and client base still continue to grow and expand. Additionally, Auditel provides the highest cost reduction along with a complimentary telecom inventory with each full audit.

Undoubtedly Realized savings and refunds make our telecom bill audits better!

How do Auditel’s telecom service analysis stand out from the competition? Auditel services deliver highest refunds and savings that exceed any telecom software product or services on the market.  Further, we capture every mistake in each telecom bill. We identify the tax, tariff and billing mistakes, and track usages and telecom billing mistakes back to inception. So, telecom invoice auditing combines the detailed review of bills along with data analysis of the various telecom services, and their related expenses.

Auditel files disputes on telecom billing errors capturing highest recovery in telecom audit services. This brings telecom cost control. After we have captured all your telecom billing errors we file disputes with each Service Provider. Moreover, we track these orders to full completion. We deliver highest telecom cost savings and recovery on wired, wireless, and data services.  Plus we provide at no additional costs, a detailed telecom inventory along with telecom reporting with a full telecom audit.

Auditel brings telecom audit services full of facts and options for our clients. We identify features, fees, surcharges and uncover any waste that has slipped into the billing.  Our telecom audit services optimize your data and services to full working capacity. Auditel provides a complimentary telecom inventory with each audit. Auditel checks the services at each location to determine if each service is working.

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