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Corporate Owned Personally Enabled COPE

The Corporate Owned Personally Enabled COPE wireless device plan on the surface seems to be one of the more secure plans available to companies who provide devices for employee use. However its drawbacks might make some companies reconsider choosing COPE over other mobile device plans. The COPE plan has your company provide devices for both personal and business use. The employee can choose from a list of pre-selected devices. Here they usually pay a fractional predetermined fee to use it for both personal and business use.

Choosing Devices Corporate Owned Personally Enabled COPE

Employees usually have a choice between select devices such as BlackBerry phones, iPhones, and Android devices. With corporate owned personally enabled COPE the company pays a portion of the mobile plan.  This is beneficial to the user as well as the company. When the company pays part of the wireless plan they also have the power to cancel it in case of security breach.

Privacy and Corporate Owned Personally Enabled COPE

Personal and data information can be accessed by your company when using the COPE plan. It’s imperative to make sure that personal privacy is upheld with any mobile device policy. There is also the issue of having some employees that may not be familiar with any of the available chosen wireless devices or service providers, causing a potential decrease in productivity. Learning a new wireless device is simple to some and not very easy to others.  The ever-changing list of wireless devices adds to the problem.  Your IT Department will need to keep up and manage the devices your company chooses. Managing the mobile devices can prove to be costly in the long run, since devices become outdated every couple of years. It is the IT Departments job to make sure no bounds are overstepped when adopting COPE.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Corporate Owned Personally Enabled COPE, is the security for the company.

COPE makes it simpler to find a data leak or compromise within a company.  With COPE if a data leak or compromise occurs, it is easier to trace it back to the particular device.  It also makes your IT department’s job a lot easier to monitor the mobile apps downloaded, instead of researching all the apps available for all mobile devices. Troubleshooting and repairing then becomes much less strenuous compared to that of the BYOD plan. Having a secure wireless device that’s user friendly for both personal and business use could be your choice. The Corporate Owned Personally Enabled COPE plan is definitely something to consider.

As with all of the mobile device plans we’ve covered check with us for the latest updates on mobile device management policy.  If you have any questions on what wireless device plan is right for you, please contact Auditel.