Auditel's telecom expense management services


Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

How can Auditel Telecom Expense Management TEM help us manage our telecom expense and IT Management?

Auditel telecom expense management TEM services will reduce telecom expenses with no investment required. Our risk free, contingency based telecom expense management TEM service truly works. Auditel multi-dimensional methodology and systematic review of each telecom invoice monthly brings fast and efficient results. We have provided global telecommunication expense management solutions for over 23 years. Auditel delivers telecom savings on phone, voice, and data, data cards, air-cards, hotspots, VOIP, MPLS, SD-Wan, internet, and all wireless and mobile services. Nonetheless, we deliver highest telecom recovery and serious telecom cost reductions for your business budget. Highest telecom recovery contingency based, therefore, Auditel can deliver your telecommunication expense management services for less!

Our experienced professional Telecom Analysts bring unbiased telecom expense management solutions like: wireless optimization, telecom inventory, savings options, telecom policy, and telecommunication benchmarking services, wireless inventory management, telecom service optimization, telecom contract review, contract dispute resolution, rate plan optimization, telecommunications contract negotiations, IT Management, tax reductions, tax exemption review, and customized telecom reporting.

While auditing your telecom expenses Auditel provides efficient timely results, less client resources, and true inventory with more telecom savings for less.

Our service process is streamlined with quality controls built in for meeting timelines and delivering the highest telecom recovery and savings. Furthermore, we encourage business to centralize telecom billing structure to gain added leverage with your telecom service providers and vendors. For example, we recommend reducing the number of telecom agreements and contracts. Additionally, we recommend telecom bill consolidate after the telecom audit is completed. We deliver monthly telecom expense management services that remove the doubt and questions within your telecom expense. Auditel can automate the telecom environment and network structure with our intelligent telecom reporting systems. Organizations with centralized telecom billing realize higher discounts and bill cost reductions than those business and corporations without telecom inventory management. Combining telecom contracts and service agreement locally, regionally, and across the country will always decrease AP costs, late fees, and show high savings on the telecom budget.

Check up on your Telecom Expense Management TEM with Auditel.

Why pay TEM monthly fees? Contingency based Telecom Expense Management TEM available with Auditel.

With our monthly telecom expense management services, we provide a dedicated telecom team to deliver and report the best cost management solutions. Additionally, Auditel can provide a short term solution, or a full time dedicated staff to meet your telecom needs with the telecom services you require. Telecom services without downtime, without sales hype without missed timelines. In most cases our services are completed without adding our fee to your telecom budget expense.

Auditel TEM services provide accurate Telecom Inventory Management with General Ledger Code delivery, location coding, and customization available.

Our telecom accuracy and attention to details results in telecom cost reductions and telecom refunds in your phone bills without loss of any telecom services you require.

What type of findings and errors can we expect with Auditel expense management?

Our teams of Professionals uncover mistakes deep within telecom services to include fixed lines, wired circuits, wireless, smartphones, mobile phones, data cards, MPLS, VOIP, SD-Wan, and internet services. However, these errors may be the result of fraud, cramming, slamming, incorrect taxes, or additional surcharges applied. We provide detailed telecom reports to explain the proof of savings found in each telecom refund check. Moreover, with full investigation and proven techniques, we eliminate any presumptions. We produce the checks and credits that appear quickly and without guesswork. We identity overcharges within your telecom invoices then we produce the maximum telecom dispute resolution.

Our Telecom Expense Management TEM includes greater visibility on telecom service inventory for all locations with telecom inventory management reporting dashboards.

Telecommunication Expense Management will maintain accurate telecom cost reduction.

Wireless Expense Management Optimization: Our experts identify incorrect rate plans, pooling plan optimization, while delivering feature, and usage analysis. Wireless contract compliances ensure you only pay applicable contract and tax rates for wireless phone expense. Analysis reports for smartphones, blackberry, data cards, and telecom service optimization. We create telecom policy and company benchmarking, along with highest savings.

Some of our clients include: Medical, Retail, Manufacturing, Banks, City, County, State, and Federal Government, Schools, and Corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

Telecom expense management reporting services: We provide detailed analytical reports for senior management and process owners with our telecom expense management TEM reports. These reports are generated on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.  Additionally, this includes validation of telecom bills, authorizing bills for payment, providing accrual reports, traffic analysis, usage patterns, wireless bill plan changes, data circuit analysis, frame relay, and internet broadband usages and utilization analysis. These detailed reports have saved our clients millions.


Auditel has the latest telecom tax knowledge to bring your business largest recovery and telecom savings:

Auditel conducts telecom expense and wireless expense management monthly with contingency based TEM fees. We only invoice our clients AFTER the savings arrive. In fact, Auditel’s fee is based on telecom savings, and telecom recovery without any guesswork. Auditel’s billing approach to telecommunications management solutions is unique. Our Telecom Analyst drill down into monthly telecom invoices giving the best bolt on telecom solution available. These results connect you with the latest technological support available. Before signing any telecom agreement or reviewing contract amendments, clauses, or legal terms, and especially before changing service providers check out Auditel. Recover historical billing mistakes and error before you change service providers. Notwithstanding, Auditel telecom cost reductions and telecom solutions bring highest recovery and savings. Simultaneously bringing efficient relief from the unknown telecom penalties and fees. Our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services deliver the highest real savings!

Auditel can track and record all the changes that appear monthly within your telecom invoices. Do you have questions on telecom contracts compliance or if your telecom inventory is not monitored monthly? Let Auditel bring the telecom expense management TEM solutions. Furthermore, Auditel TEM provides a central point of contact for your telecom services. We provide central IT management expertise to deliver continual monitoring of your telecom services, telecom contracts, and the telecom invoices. Lastly, Auditel brings no risk telecom expense management with contingency based fees, our clients only pay for realized savings.