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Auditel telecom expense management services


The Worst Telecom Expense Management Ever?

If your company doesn’t identify billing errors they will continue to pay them forever. This is the worst telecom expense management ever.  Some contracts limit term of refunds to 90 days.  A telecom expense management team can begin working on your invoices to determine your services, eliminate waste, and obtain savings.

Barbara Clements, President of Auditel Inc. says “We’ve found that most companies put little thought into billing errors, they focus on contracts. This leaves so much room for billing errors, mistakes in service inventory, and the list goes on, with left behind overcharges.”

CFO’s, CEO’s, Controllers, and Telecom Managers don’t have time to spend working with the Service Providers to review historical bills.  Most get thoroughly frustrated after just looking at their phone and telecom bill expense.  As a result, they realize they don’t have the time to dig through the bills, or spend hours on hold to ask questions. With all the plan changes, carrier changes and line cancellations their bills continue to rise.

Have you ever let you cell phone plan go for a few years only to realize that now the new plans are about half the money you were paying for the old plan?  Be careful when asking for a credit, it can lead to hours of frustration.

What is the worst telecom expense management ever?

1. Never reviewing your telecom bills
2. Not having an independent telecom consultant review your contracts (not a sales person)
3. Not understanding tariff. Most telecom managers can’t really conduct true telecom expense management.

What is there to loose by having a true telecom audit? Consequently your bills will actually lose weight. Bill consolidation can be performed after the audit is completed to reduce workload for the Accounts Payable Team.  And reducing work for the Telecom Manager keeps your lines and circuits operational.

In fact, with a telecom expense audit your bills will cost less and you may get some large and much deserved refunds. In addition, you can eliminate having the worst telecom expense management ever.

Moreover, it’s always a good idea to have a knowledgeable telecom expense management company conduct your telecom audit. Additionally, if you have the time and staff, enroll your staff in a professional telecom expense management training course.

Here are some telecom management tips:
• Look for a  telecom auditing company that doesn’t sell any products
• Ask auditing firms if your company must purchase software to use their services.
• Look for a company that replies quickly via email or phone (slow replies may mean they are too busy to start your audit, or may be very slow in conducting your audit.
• Be certain to ask for references, then contact those references
• Ask if there are any upfront fees associated with the audit
• Don’t believe reports that show savings. Ask for actual client savings shown within before and after bills for proof savings occurred.
• If your business wants to keep all the savings in-house, then enroll in a telecom expense management workshop. A telecom training workshop will provide a process for your staff and the business will retain more from a workshop than a seminar.

To summarize, if your company doesn’t identify billing errors they may continue to pay them forever. Some contracts limit term of refunds to 90 days.

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