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Telephone Bill Audit

What is a telephone bill audit? A phone bill audit is more than taking the bill from the envelope or a quick glance at the invoice. It involves more than checking the monthly service charge. You are already ahead of most if you care enough to research and read further. If you don’t help your company save on their key expenses, like the phone bill then who will? Everyone in the company is relying on a few key individuals to care about the budget and finances. You may be reading this on your wireless device, desktop, tablet or laptop. Each of these devices uses technology. Phone bill audit services bring so much vision to your company. Someone in your office pays for the bill to keep your connection operational. But, have you had a telephone bill audit?

Simply put, our telephone bill audit services inclulde phone bill analysis to make sure you aren’t overpaying for your phone expense. There are many reasons your company phone expense is higher than it should be; contract violations, improperly placed orders, wrong usage plans, tariff mistakes, and improper taxation are just a few of our phone audit findings. It’s a virtual certainty that you are overpaying phone bills.

Why is it a good idea to have a phone bills audited?

Corporate CEO, CFO and finance department rely on their AP Department to pay their bills and enlist the telecom department (if they have one) to review the phone bills. The business owner is always looking out for their company and searching for ways to bring savings to the company.  These employees just don’t know the ins and outs of telephone bills and how to conduct an audit. 

For 30 years we’ve been digging into all the various service providers invoices and finding savings in those old paid phone bills. Our telephone bill services have been very successful and with proven results before payment it’s a no brainer. We get paid based on proven savings results. So if we don’t deliver phone bill savings or refunds with our phone bill audit services, then we don’t get paid. In a nut shell our phone bill auditing services are much like hitting the lottery without purchasing the ticket! While you’re here, visit our glossary on old and new tech terms.

Had a Phone Bill Audit Previously?

We just had a telephone bill audit conducted internally. Can Auditel still perform a telephone bill audit services for us? Yes, Auditel is willing to review your contracts, phone bills, and services and see if there are any savings overlooked. In most cases, we find additional 10-15% savings from these go behind audits and surprisingly, phone bill refunds too.

Our company uses another TEM (Telecom Expense Management) company to audit our phone bills monthly. Can a telephone bill audit check to see if there are any savings being missed?  Auditel can review your telephone bills, usages, services and contracts to see if there are any savings overlooked. In most cases, we find additional 10-15% additional savings from these go behind audits with added telephone bill refunds.

Telephone bills contain many variables with each Service Provider having different terms for service charges, different rate codes, and different tarrifs. We work onm your companies behalf to bring the optimum savings from your phone services along with phone bill refunds too.

Auditel Gives More Than A Phone Bill Audit

We research and investigate the regulatory rules, FCC guidlines, laws, taxes, tariffs and surcharges of all the US telecom companies, International providers,
and other global service providers. There is added security in knowing your telephone contracts are aligned with your company needs. We provide help to identify and ensure your company invoices are showing your usages. There are many added benefits in obtaining a phone bill inventory. So, when the telephone bill audit is completed your company will have more vision into your telecom services than ever before. We bring value and phone bill savings. Giving you more reasons to consider Auditel for your next phone bill audit.