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Auditel telecom expense management services


Mobile TEM

What services are included with Auditel’s Mobile TEM?

Auditel’s mobile TEM and mobile device management services include mobility invoice auditing and bill analysis, mobile contract analysis and optimization, mobile device management, mobile contract compliance assessment, and wireless usage analysis. Improve corporate planning and the tough decisions around the mobile budget.

Watching mobile TEM contract changes and renewal clauses is critical

It is more important now than ever before to have a telecom team that specializes in analyzing your wireless invoices monthly. Moreover, if wireless expense and overcharges are not caught within the terms of your new wireless agreement your recovery will be reduced and some mobile recovery claims may be denied.

How are refunds and invoice savings obtained using Auditel’s mobile TEM?

Our deep dive goes further as we investigate all the services for each mobile device, usage, and plan details.We then review contracts, the client adherence to contract compliance, any factors or issues with meeting current agreements, including any service issues encountered during the agreement. When we located mistakes, over charges, tariff violations, we then file a mobile dispute for any historical mobile telecom errors or mobile overcharges found for highest recovery and monthly invoice savings.

Does your company have a mobile policy in place?

Auditel can build your mobile policy plan along with mobile device management MDM for recapture of lost savings and Mobile TEM cost reductions. Set up Mobile benchmarks and policy for added mobile protection and security against fraud and misuse. Auditel telecom analysis will locate the flaws or weakness in the telecom network and the mobile security infrastructure. In fact, our telecom analysis optimizes existing network utilization by reviewing the inventory with services used against telecom services billed. Control mobile costs by implementing a mobile policy and benchmarking plan.

What are the keys to invoice savings on mobile invoices?

Accurate mobile inventory, and mobile policy and benchmarks are key components to the best forecasting, and overall mobile invoice reduction. Monthly mobile analysis and contract review bring highest recovery and monthly invoice savings.

As your business grows, so do your mobile expenses. The more mobile services, mobile equipment plans and products your company uses, the more mobile expense your company will incur. With that you will require more mobility reporting. Every business needs a confirmed mobile inventory to get accurate mobility records.  This inventory can only come from a detailed mobile analysis, or as we like to call it, mobility auditing.

Why is tracking our mobile inventory so important?

In telecom wireless environment we find that technology changes monthly, and billing changes frequently.  Employees make spur of the moment travel plans that make tracking their bills a must! Analyzing mobile phone, smartphones, tablets, hotspot, plus any wireless service with a data card will bring mobile cost reduction. Making your employees more efficient will give them flexibility and you will see positive results.

In summary, our global platform and extensive knowledge of mobile technology can bring your business with efficient, highest recovery, and savings on your Mobile TEM.

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