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Telecom Benchmarking

What is telecom benchmarking?

Benchmarking is a term for measuring and in telecom benchmarking it’s the process of calculating and measuring exact telecom service specifics and performance then comparing them with market standards. Understanding the service types, service providers, maintenance and network availability, service terms and all fees associated are key in setting a standard telecom benchmark for your business. Auditel adds telecom spend usage calculations into our matrix and we measure the telecom usages and compare each with similar services to optimize telecom data and bandwidth. Auditel measures and calculates each telecom service including long distance, separating each type of service, and service providers fee against your best pricing. We provide both telecom and wireless benchmarking.

Quality service and best pricing will reduce telecom budget but without service comparison we don’t recommend any benchmarking. Auditel prepares our benchmarks including service quality with optimum up times, determining service protection clauses against outages for best network availability (giving you the percentage of the time services will be up 99.9%). We also calculate any extra fees that may not be listed in the telecom contract or in services provided. Reducing telecom budget is important, but it’s not the only factor we compare. We check all your past and present order process and provisioning along with your invoices. We care about cost reduction, but performance and service uptime is key to your business for maximum telecom reduction.

Telecom Benchmarks Bring Security

Auditel performs telecom benchmarking services upon request as we don’t sell any products or sell for any service providers. We don’t take any commissions from any service provider therefore we are unbiased in benchmarking making us the optimum choice to provide telecom benchmarking services for our clients. Added security comes from adding benchmarks to your corporation along with that is reduced expense.

Benchmarking methodology is key: Service is just as important as pricing!

Over the years, Auditel has created a repository of customer rates along with their annual spending patterns. We identify best rates for customers by analyzing and calculating the spending pattern. We have studied varied telecom spends of our customers with hundreds of service providers across North America. After finding the best spend pricing, next, we measure service provider performance and network availability. Calculating the service provider network uptimes is key to best performance. Without best performance matrix calculation, pricing is not relative.

What is telecom optimization?

Telecom optimization helps your corporation become more structured and more efficient in telecom services and in consolidated billing. Streamlining services and billing reduces costs, and makes your company more efficient. Moreover, Auditel’s telecom bill optimization process has been perfected over the past 29 years with proven methodology. Auditel can increase your telecom efficiency, and give your team more control over telecom expense than ever before, all while reducing telephone bill and network expenses.

Does our office need to change service providers for optimization and benchmarking services?

So, with Auditel there is no need to change service providers to realize service optimization. Because Auditel continues to update your telecom inventory as we audit your monthly telecom services. We compile USOC (Universal Service Ordering Code) level inventory of all the services. Next, we analyze actual services in use, together with the charges billed, with the service provider market rates provided to other customers for like services. We identify rate variations, compare service network availability uptimes and measure the differences between service providers for highest cost reduction available on the market.

Telecom benchmarking is essential for telecom expense management

Mobile technology is constantly changing and can be very challenging. Mobile benchmarking and mobile policy are a essential for optimum wireless management.

Does Auditel setup wireless protection policy and/or benchmarking procedures?

Auditel can build your wireless policy plan for recapture of lost savings and mobile cost reductions. In fact, we set up wireless benchmarks and mobility policy for added wireless protection and security against fraud and misuse. Moreover, Auditel telecom analysis will locate the flaws or weakness in the telecom network and the wireless security infrastructure. Our telecom analysis optimizes existing network utilization by reviewing the wireless inventory, with actual services used against telecom services billed. Wireless and mobile technology is constantly changing and can be very challenging. Wireless benchmarking and mobile policy are high on the list for many Telecom and IT Managers.  We recommend our clients check with your team to see if there is any wireless policy or benchmarking procedures in place, then call Auditel.
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