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Telecom Bill Auditing

What is telecom bill auditing?

Telecom bill auditing is a combination of phone bill review, telecom tariff analysis, review of telecom contracts and all telecom expenses. Comparison of wired and wireless service usages, fees, surcharges, and taxes in addition, to any telecom tax exemptions available for each telecom expense.

So, the costs for telecom services continues to grow along with the need for accurate telecom bill auditing services. We provide “go behind” telecom bill audits and you’d be surprised to find out how many leftover telecom refunds we find hidden in telecom billings after another telecom service audit company has already completed their telecom audit. Some of our competitors bring telecom audits to us for review to see if we can deliver more telecom recovery or telecom savings once they have completed their work. After providing telecom bill audit services for the past 30 years our services, and Auditel client base continue to grow and expand. Auditel provides contingency based telecom bill auditing with the highest recovery. Plus we include a complimentary telecom inventory with each full telecom bill audit.

What is included with telecom bill auditing?

Our telecommunication bill auditing, telecom consulting, and Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services deliver highest telecom savings and cost reductions. With our presence in many locations we provide a global service covering most parts of world including North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America and Australia.

Our telecom bill auditing solutions require no telecom service provider changes and uniquely they are contingency based. We specialize in telecommunications bill audits and don’t sell or provide telecom sales of any type. This focus and dedication to provide unbiased services has made us an industry leader in telecom billing audits that focus on telecom tariff and telecom tax refunds. Moreover, Auditel is at the forefront in telecom auditing technology.

We have navigated through the various changes in carrier services and telecom Service Providers billings over the past twenty seven years. Auditel delivers accurate telecom bill auditing services for voice, data, and wireless invoices.  So, we keep our clients updated when the latest services and technology begins to bill. Technology is constantly changing with bandwidth changes like 5G Phase2, SD-WAN, MPLS, SIP, VOIP, and more.

Auditel Telecom Bill Auditing and Telecom Taxes

Telecom Bill Auditing for Telecom Tariff, Telecom Tax, and Telecom Regulatory Surcharge Investigation

Telecom tariff analysis can bring out telecom billing errors, and eliminate overcharges. This will increase telecom refunds. Telecom tax exemption review help to identify any unclaimed tax exemptions, or misapplied taxes. Auditel recommends a review of telecom surcharges and fees for added accuracy. We audit and review all of your telecom bills, telecom expenses, telephone taxes and telecom regulatory fees. These fees have risen over 20% in most telecom bills. Telecom services continue to change, Auditel can audit VOIP services, long distance, 5G, and Software Defined WAN (SD-Wan).

What telecom taxes and surcharges does Auditel telecom bill auditing include?

We pay attention to all telecom taxes particularly, local, city, county, state, and federal taxes. Surcharges and taxes are increased with usages, making them a necessary item to review. Some Regulatory fees include taxes, and surcharges such as, 911 fees (9-1-1), Federal Excise Tax, Local Number Portability (LNP) Charge, Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Charge, Federal Access Recovery Fee, and the Federal Universal Service Fund (USF), aka FUSF.

Telecom Bill Auditing and Services

How far back does your telecom audit cover?

Telecom billing errors are identified during the full telecom bill audit.We capture every mistake in wireless and wired billing services in each telecom bill. We identify the telecom tax, telecom tariff including any billing mistakes. Auditel tracks usages and billing mistakes back to telecom service inception.

After we have captured all your telecom bill auditing errors, we file telecom disputes with each Service Provider. Auditel follows every telecom dispute to completion. We deliver highest cost savings and telecom refund / recovery.

Telecom Bill Auditing and Advertised Lines

Is your business still paying for old yellow page telecom advertising? We review all of your directories and telecom advertising fees to ensure cost savings and accuracy.

How can our business be certain we have working phone lines at each of our locations?

A telecom service audit isn’t just about disconnecting services, features, fees, surcharges or waste. Moreover, a full telecom audit ensures your voice services, phone, and wireless lines and all telecom services are optimized and working at full capacity. Telecom services are tested for usage, some may not be utilized or billed properly. Businesses run smoothly when they have a detailed inventory, tested, and verified working at each location.

With every business the phone is still the most important avenue for clients to reach you. Traffic studies, circuit and data analysis are only tools. Traffic studies can only be reviewed by trained telecom professionals skilled in reading traffic and data analysis. Most Telecom Service Providers only have a few with this skill. Data and circuit usage analysis and analytics can drastically improve your telecom spend without effecting your day to day operations. Moreover, having enough bandwidth, circuits, or phone lines will ensure your clients reach you, not your competition!

Telecom Auditing and Contract Management

We analyze the current Telecom Service Provider Service Agreements and various telecom contracts Minimum Annual Revenue Commitment (MARC), and SLA (Service Level Agreements) and compare them with any revisions or addendums to the original signed agreements. We research and review the contract terms.

With our telecom bill audits and TEM, we provide telecom contracts mangement, MARC and SLA review. For a detailed contract review just give our offices a call and we will bring the added comfort of full telecom contract management. We will ferret out all of your telecom contracts, and telecom expenses. Additionally, we document your expiration dates, and monitor the language to provide your corporation the best telecom contract management and regulatory review available along with telecom contract negotiation.

With Auditel telecommunications bill auditing, we deliver telecom bill auditing and expert solutions for telecom cost control and bill reductions. We investigate your service technology and telecommunications bills and find mistakes and overcharges. After we submit our findings and options to your business, then it is your decision. Our fees are based upon the telecom savings delivered to the client, therefore, our clients are assured savings, or there is no fee.

Telecom Bill Auditing FAQs

Does Auditel have a timeline for telecom audit delivery?

From the start of our audit we define a timeline and track our delivery timings. We will achieve each milestone in time without delays. Our timelines help us to deliver telecom dispute resolution faster than our competitors and help your organization achieve savings that continue to grow for years to come.

Do we need to buy costly telecom software to work with Auditel?

Auditel has the telecom bill auditing services knowledge your company needs without purchasing costly telecom software, or paying for audit services you really don’t need. Auditel dashboard reporting can manipulated and changed by the client.  They can use our data without purchasing software, learning a new tool, or constantly calling a telecom software technician for updates. Our telecom bill auditing service fee includes contingency based fees. Auditel waits for your telecom savings and telecom recovery to appear on your telecom invoices before we submit invoices for our services.

Can you explain how technology has changed and why telecom billing services continue to increase?

Looking back in telecom technology from the single fixed phone line (wired services) through the age of Voice Over IP (VOIP) bandwidth continues to increase and telecom services continue to change. We had  SD-Wan as the talk on the street in early 2018, and in 2019 this moved to bandwidth specifically 5G networks and now 5G Phase2 is coming. Of course new technology will change in a few months. A business needs more bandwidth to survive and grow although telecom costs continue to increase. Telecom expense is a large number on the balance sheet of most business. So, we provide telecom expense management solutions.

What telecom audit services does Auditel provide?

Our services include: telecom auditing, telecom tariff analysis, telecom consulting, telecom expense management (TEM), and we also offer telephone bill auditing training services. Our clients appreciate the service options we deliver at the lowest costs on the market. Auditel delivers the maximum telecom savings and telecom tax refunds with no money out of pocket. Our contingency based fees come from the telecom savings we deliver, and if no telecom savings or telecom recovery is found, Auditel doesn’t charge a fee. Additionally, we include a telecom inventory with each full telecom audit.

What is the service area for Auditel telecom audit services?

With our presence in many locations we provide a global service covering most parts of world, including North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America and Australia.

Does Auditel provide any other telecom audit services or work with any service providers to sell telecom services?

Auditel telecommunications bill audit services require no carrier changes. In fact, we specialize in telecommunications audits. We don’t diversify into any other telecom services or sales of any type. Our telecom tariff and telecom tax focus and dedication have made Auditel an industry leader in telecom audit services with the best telecom expense management solutions.  Therefore, Auditel remains at the forefront in technology. We have navigated through the telecom regulatory and telecom tariff issues, the changes in carrier services and Service Providers billings over twenty-six years. We provide the best telecom audit and expense management services available for telecom voice, data, and wireless invoices.  Each full telecom audit includes a detailed telecom inventory at no charge.

Auditel provides telecom audit services full of facts and options for our clients all without the need to purchase costly telecom software.  We identify telecom expenses all the features, fees, surcharges plus we uncover any waste that has slipped into the billing. Moreover, our telecom audit services identify whether phone and data services have telecom optimization and function at full capacity. Auditel identifies telecom services billed improperly.  Unfortunately, some telecom services aren’t installed. We provide a tested and verified telecom service inventory to give your businesses information on services at each business site or co-location.

Telecom Auditing and Service Providers

If customer service is key to your business, and client retention is important, then you need Auditel telecom service optimization. Traffic studies, circuit and data analysis are only tools. The traffic study helps us gather greater understanding in business telecom traffic and data analysis. Most Telecom Service Providers only have a few staff with this skill set and Auditel provides this service and also teaches a telecom training course on it. Phone bill, data and circuit usage analysis and analytics can drastically improve your telecom spend without effecting your day to day operations. Moreover, having enough bandwidth, circuits, or phone lines will ensure your clients reach you, not your competition!

More Telecom Bill Auditing FAQs 

In addition to telecom audit services what extra telecom expense services does Auditel provide?

One thing we provide that makes us special is telecom training comes with our telecom auditing. Auditel specializes and stands out from the crowd with telecom tariff, taxes, and surcharges investigation and telecom recovery. In addition, our telecom tax and deep knowledge, such as tax tariffs set us apart from our competitors in telecom audit and recovery. We also offer telecom training workshops.

Can you list some telecom cost reductions found in Auditel’s telecom bill auditing?

Telecom tariff investigations bring out the billing errors, and overcharges and produce high telecom recovery and telecom refunds. We don’t overlook telecom taxes as they are a big part of monthly telecom expenses. Telecom tax cost reductions are commonly overlooked in telecom bill auditing. Furthermore, most non profit organizations and many corporations don’t know whether they qualify for any telecom tax exemptions. Although there are many tax exemptions that may be available. Auditel reviews telecom bills finding unclaimed tax exemptions, and misapplied tax.  Furthermore, many items do qualify for a telecom tax refund.

Telecom tax refunds from tax exemptions may be found in telecom surcharges, and in telecom regulatory fees. Consequently, these fees have risen to over 20% in most telecom bills, therefore we pay close attention to all taxes.  Furthermore, Auditel understands telecom taxes, particularly local, city, county, state, and federal taxes. Telecom surcharges increase with usages, making them a necessary item to audit. We analyze telecom regulatory fees, taxes, and surcharges such as 911 fees, Federal Excise Tax, Local Number Portability (LNP) Charge, Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Charge, Federal Access Recovery Fee, as well as the Federal Universal Service Fund (USF).

How do Auditel’s telecom audit services stand out from the competition?

Auditel does the extensive work required to go above and beyond any telecom software product or service on the market. We capture every mistake in each telecom bill. We identify the tax, tariff and billing mistakes, additionally, we track usages and telecom billing mistakes back to inception. Auditel files disputes on telecom billing errors, while additionally capturing highest recovery in telecom audit services. So, after we have captured all your telecom billing errors we file disputes with each Service Provider. We track these orders to full completion. Our telecom bill auditing fees include contingency based pricing.  We deliver highest telecom cost savings and highest recovery on wired, wireless, and data services. Auditel provides efficient phone bill reductions. In addition, we provide at no charge, a detailed telecom inventory with a full telecom audit.

telecom bill auditing

Does Auditel provide telecom service optimization as part of their telecom bill auditing services?

So, Auditel identifies each type of service used by our clients. Auditel telecom optimization services determine if the client has enough lines for their customer to reach all of their locations. We check existing order process provisioning. We calculate the number of customers that reach a busy signal when dialing your company. No business owner wants their clients to reach a busy signal or disconnected line, therefore,  Auditel reports the telecom optimization service options available to our clients regarding ways to eliminate lost customer calls. Auditel also provides telecom bill optimization services for optimum savings.

So, what is the Auditel Challenge? Checking your bills with no risk. Nothing to lose with our telecom auditing services.

Learn the terms that make your audit a success. Check out our telecom terms and glossary for old and new technology terminology including telecommunications and telephone terms.