Auditel telecom expense management services


Telecom Category Management

Auditel has the telecom knowledge and skills required for telecom category management.  We can analyze and maximize the most intricate network infrastructure, telecom architecture and frameworks in the industry. Telecom services are reviewed and analyzed to assess and compare current and historical contracts and usage configurations, with historical and current spend patterns to bring best in class telecom category management strategies.

Does Auditel give telecom contract advice?

Auditel brings the latest contract knowledge needed for reviewing business telecom contracts including all addendum pages. We can give you accurate options and advise your company of the contract legal requirements including contract termination clauses.

Can Auditel review Service Level Agreement policy and pricing?

Yes, Auditel can accurately analyze SLA pricing terms and conditions. We Review agreements and contracts for commercial terms. In fact, Auditel conducts a full review of your telecom to advise you on your legal obligations and contract terms and terminations. We help your company align your service needs with your service agreements.

How can category management reduce telecom expenses?

Auditel can reduce your telecom spend through telecom category management of IT with optimization, Market Analysis, telecom rate and pooling plan optimization, along with billing analysis and telecom auditing.

In fact, Auditel provides Strategic Procurement management to continuously improve the total cost on any telecom services in the telecom category management and IT.

Can Auditel identify telecom category management opportunities?

Yes, indeed Auditel can assess external market intelligence and telecom trends to identify telecom category management opportunities and risks. Furthermore, we develop annual category strategy to enable informed decision making policy for management Stakeholders. Auditel develops accurate costs analysis to drive fact based telecom spend management plans and cost reduction strategies. Moreover, we bring telecom policy, pricing terms, and conditions with suppliers that include performance and quality measurement levels, turn around lead times, for technological advances.

Our clients get the best in class telecom category management services through telecom optimization and latest network innovations. In addition, our solutions will provide enhanced control and visibility over all telecom voice, and data billing and procurement.

Auditel can analyze telecom pricing terms and conditions found in your telecom contracts. We review telecom contracts for commercial terms and review legal requirements. Auditel can provide subject matter telecom expertise and convert telecom market intelligence and telecom category insights into key negotiation strategies.

Working with Auditel as the central resource for telecom spend requirements brings greatest savings. Additionally, we have no alliances with suppliers or Service Providers and will give optimum unbiased leadership for assigned categories. Ensure sourcing strategies are fully aligned with business needs to include demand, cost of service, quality of service, with service delivery and telecom maintenance needs.

Telecom Category Management your company can trust!

Category Manager will develop and implement global strategies to ensure consistency. Auditel identifies qualified suppliers, manages Request for information (RFI), Request for quote (RFQ), Request for proposal (RFP) process. Moreover, we even help in developing the RFP to support the bid analysis, and execute negotiations at the lowest total cost available. Besides, for best category management its necessary to identify and implement best purchasing practices within telecom procurement to ensure services are optimized and pricing is consistent.

Through planning and proven process Auditel ensures smooth contract phase transition. Furthermore, Auditel manages category projects with client and Service Provider to develop continuous and best total cost improvements. Moreover, we review all locations services to develop consolidated contracts to ensure the accurate optimization of telecom spend. Finally, Auditel monitors corporate telecom contracts. Our team documents, tracks, and manages contracts.  To include managing all the addendum, terms and conditions to give optimum category management savings through adherence to contracts.

Telecom Market Analysis and Telecom Category Management

Auditel can establish and maintain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to predict and minimize Service Provider performance issues. We work with your telecom Service Providers to give support and interface for better performance. In addition, we identify root causes of telecom service issues through interacting with relevant team and Service Providers to ensure efficient and timely resolution. In summary, Auditel develops and maintains good working relationships with your Key IT Management, and Telecom Team to ensure Cost and Service Improvement opportunities are identified and acted on for fast results and turn around time (TAT).