Auditel telecom expense management services


Rate Plan Optimization

Rate Plan Optimization can help your company get better wireless rate plans.

Auditel analyzes wireless services including wireless rate plans and wireless pooling plans to measure their usages, in addition we calculate discounts to provide the most accurate rate plan optimization.

Do you analyze voice usages in your rate plan optimization?

Yes, Auditel does analyze voice rate plans.  We audit each wireless contract to determine the contract compliances, terms and expiration of your current wireless agreement.  Then we compare the wireless services that are being used, against the wireless pricing and discounts noted inside your contracts. Next we analyze this data with the actual wireless invoices and services used to come up with the best wireless rate plan optimization to meet your business needs. We study usages to ensure the rate plan gives your company room for growth during busy peak seasons and also the best pricing during slower off-season times.

Can Auditel audit our text messaging (SMS and MMS)services?

Yes, Auditel can analyze, research and provide insight into SMS and MMS services. We offer this in addition to our other wireless auditing services. Auditel will optimize wireless text messaging both SMS, and MMS rate plans, and usages to maximize savings.

We are concerned that our wireless rate plan optimization won’t include discounts within our contract. How can we be sure we’ll get money back?

Wireless rate plans optimization is a process of calculating each type of wireless service, including analyzing contract discounts.  Once our analysts complete this and the rate plan (along with any pooling plan usage) is measured, we compare months of data to verify discounts were applied.  Finally, we will file disputes for discounts not applied, and present recommendations to you for any discounts that should be but are not included in your contract.

We perform similar work on smart phones, tablets, and any type of data access, hot spots, data cards, pooling plans, international plans, roaming plans, SMS plans, MMS plans, and text messaging plans, including wireless service fees. Finally, Auditel delivers reporting to our client on our findings for wireless rate plans and contract compliance.

Our business has high telecom usage during business peak season. Can we be certain wireless rate plan optimization will help us through the entire year?

Auditel studies each wireless rate plan along with the wireless usages.  Our audits include detailed review of many months of each wireless account to determine wireless spend. .  Additionally, we analyze as much data as needed to capture usages during peak and off peak periods.

What type of services can have wireless rate plan optimization?

Wireless pooling plans, roaming usage, text messages, SMS, MMS, Data Cards, and International usages to maximize service and decrease spend.

Auditel wireless rate plan optimization, and wireless pooling plan analysis bring saving within your wireless bills. Auditel reduces costs, increases efficiency and enhances control. Auditel’s detailed methodology has provided rate plan optimization and the highest savings with over 26  years of positive results. If you have any additional questions contact us.

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