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Auditel's telecom expense management services


Telecommunication Expense Management

Auditel telecommunication expense management (TEM) services have given some of the world’s largest global telecom users telecom invoice management with centralized telecom invoices, validated phone inventory, and the greatest telecom expense reduction. We are efficient, all in all we deliver express audits, using very little client resources. Our multi-dimensional telecom auditing process is streamlined for efficient telecom cost reduction, however it yields maximum telecom refunds and some of the greatest telecom expense reduction on the market. Additionally, Auditel brings relief to the telecom budget with unexpected recapture of telecom expenses paid historically. While other auditing firms claim to bring maximum telecom savings, we provide “go behind” audits that deliver even further added telecom recovery.  This proves our contingency based multi-dimensional proven process is the most effective way. Delivering greater accuracy and more options, along with the highest telecom refunds from 25 years of telecom analysis experience.

Telecom Expense Management or TEM Services

Auditel has the best analytic research, in fact there’s no need to buy unnecessary expense management telecom software.  We provide data reports with telecom inventory and telecom analysis you can manipulate on your own time using your own software. Our Telecom Analytic Team works through the forensic details internally, with bolt-on deeper telecom analysis.  We provide more efficient steps, simultaneously bringing maximum results while we deliver our client their largest telecom tax refund. We’ve proven time and again that Auditel delivers higher telecom tax recovery for our clients. Auditel has over 25 years of superior customer service and telecom cost control.  We can say respectfully that Auditel does deliver more.  Just ask our clients, or visit our telecom videos and client testimonials.Our Telecom Expense Management expertise and phone bill auditing services give added security to our client’s IT and Telecom Departments.  Furthermore, we provide them with the updated wireless expense management  and telecom policy management.  These management services are needed in today’s environment. Auditel phone bill audits provide optimized invoices (lowering telecom budget) and give all the telecom category management services they need for optimal performance and maximum savings.

TEM Includes Inventory

Telecom surcharges have risen over 20% in most phone and mobile device invoices. Use our services to stay updated monthly with the latest Mobile Expense Management (including MDM) and wireless auditing updates.  Auditel brings the latest technological information on telecommunication contracts, in addition clients realize highest telecom recovery and savings. Our telecom expense management delivers maximum results, with many clients reducing their total telecom spend average of 36%, by providing telecom inventory management, bill processing, telecom bill optimization, billing analysis, telecom contract management compliance, rate plan optimization and detailed telecom reporting.

Our Telecom Expense Management expertise and phone bill auditing services give added security to our client’s IT and Telecom Departments.  Furthermore we provide them with the updated wireless policy and mobile benchmarking needed in today’s environment. Don’t forget our audits come with telecom inventory that most firms charge for. Auditel phone bill audits provide optimized invoices (lowering telecom budget) and give all the telecom inventory management services you need for optimal performance and maximum savings.

Contingency Based TEM

Our telecom analysis with “drill down” and “bolt on” technology provide multi-dimensional methodology. Auditel telecommunication expense management also known as TEM methods uncover mistakes.  In addition we optimize telecom services, and capture unused phone services. We remove fees overcharged in telecom, internet, Voice, Data, and Wireless services. Auditel performs a telecom analysis on all telecom services.  Domestic and International phone bill rates, mobile plans, fees, usages, features, taxes, regulatory fees, surcharges, and service charges. We deliver telecom cost reduction and invoice recapture. Our fee is contingency based, in other words Auditel’s fee is only a percentage of the client’s realized savings. There’s no hype, and no sales pitch, since we just provide real telecommunication savings and telecom recovery.

Auditel telecommunication expense management includes monthly telecom cost reductions giving fast, efficient service with highest savings and recovery. Other TEM Services include data and cloud management, wireless expense management (WEM), and telecom consulting. Why pay for monthly MDM, TEM, or WEM service fees from other telecom expense management companies , when Auditel can provide telecom expense management and mobile expense management including expense reduction at a fraction of the cost.  Auditel’s fee is calculated on a contingency basis, and with no set monthly fee. It’s a small portion of the actual telecom invoice savings we deliver monthly. Ultimately Auditel telecommunication management contains no risk and can provide both telecom and wireless monthly management that bring highest recovery and savings.

Some of our Clients

  • Telecom Auditing

    Telecom Audit

    A phone bill audit is the only serious way to validate your telecom inventory. Do you have a list of all phone lines and mobile services? Chances are it’s out of date…

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  • Wireless Expense Management

    Wireless Expense Management

    Auditel provides forensic detailed wireless expense management and wireless invoice optimization to control telecommunication…

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  • Telecom Recovery Audits

    Telecom Auditing- Recovery and Refunds

    Telecommunication recovery and refunds are found in Voice, Data, and Wireless bills with our telecom audit and expense analysis. Recovery on historical billing mistakes…

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  • Telecom Training

    TEM Telecom Expense Management Process Training

    Auditel telecommunication trainings and educational workshops are available to corporate businesses and offered on the GSA Schedule for the U.S. Federal Government include detailed Voice, Data, and…

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  • Telecom Tax Refund

    Telecom Tax Refund

    Your Company or Department may qualify for refunds from Federal, State, or Local telecom tax. Auditel can determine any amount of tax that was over collected by your Telecom Service Providers. Auditel will work to recover these and other telecom billing errors, taxes and surcharges your business is entitled to…

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Auditel Telecommunications Services

  • Telecom Project Audit
  • Telecom Audit Refunds and Savings
  • Monthly Telecom Expense Management (TEM)
  • Telecom Order Processing
  • Telecom Reporting Services
  • TEM Training
  • Efficient telecom expense reduction
  • Minimum Internal Resources
  • Deep Landline and Wireless Analysis
  • Largest Telecom Recovery
  • No Investment
  • Proof of Savings
  • No need to buy Telecom Software
  • Accurate Telecom Inventory

Telecom News

Telecom Tax UUT Refund Extended

Auditel Inc. wants to alert all business in Los Angeles County California of a telecom tax refund where filing has been extended through June 19, 2016.