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Auditel telecom expense management services


Telecom Expense Management Bill Cost Reduction Solutions

There is absolutely nothing to lose with telecom expense management bill cost reduction solutions.  We begin with telecom refunds and provide telecom expense management solutions showing recovery from the service providers and sometimes from the IRS.  Furthermore, we bring findings and recommendations along with your inventory of telecom services.  We provide solutions for corporate expense reduction.

We can decrease your 2019 telecom budget without selling you any products or changing service providers.  Furthermore, Auditel telecom disputes have resulted in over $125 Million in telecom refunds and recovery to date. These telecom refunds were found within telephone lines, features, mobile phones, mobile data cards, frame relay, MPLS, VOIP, data circuits, contracts, surcharges and taxes.

Auditel has been bringing corporate expense reduction to include network inventory management and managed mobility solutions. Therefore, we can manage all of your telecom services and bring inventory management details. These telecom solutions have helped over 99% of our clients obtain refunds.

In summary, Auditel corporate expense reduction can bring control into your telecom services and invoices.  As a result, with our detailed network inventory management you can be certain you are paying for accurate telecom invoices. Telecom expense management and telecom refund & recovery require persistent hard work and years of knowledge and telecom experience. For over 25 years we have been auditing telecom invoices with proven results on a contingency basis.


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