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Auditel Company Info provides information about Auditel Inc. services.  Including a range of telecom audit services for telecom bill analysis, wireless refund, and telecom recovery services.  Our services are more than just telecom order process provisioning. They also include analytics, telecom reporting, and telecom training to meet all the telecom expense management needs of our clients.  Please review more about Auditel Company Info:

Auditel Company headquarters is in Florida. With additional offices in Orlando, Florida, South Carolina, and New Delhi, India.  The Auditel Team has focused on telecom expense management. This includes auditing telecom expenses for large US Corporations, small and medium sized business, and government agencies. Over the last 26 years, Auditel has consulted, and provided telecom auditing services. In addition, we provide telecom training for our clients. With an offshore office in India, the Company is also providing telecom analytics and other value added services using our teams of trained experts.

Auditel has one of the longest track records in the telecom expense management industry. In fact, the company researches and investigates the communication rules, laws, taxes, tariffs and surcharges of all the US telecom service providers as well as global service providers.

Barbara Clements – President and Founder

Founder & President of Auditel Inc., and Co-founder of Auditel Expense Management, India (AEM). Barbara Clements is the key leader of the Auditel management team. With over 2 decades of experience, Barbara has extensive telecom knowledge in telecom invoice management, telecom expense management and working as a telecommunication consultant. Together with the Auditel Team, she has built a special methodology for telecom bill auditing.  For this reason Auditel has a strong track record with US Corporations and various departments of States and the Federal Government.

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