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Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) FSC Group 520 – Telecom Recovery Audits

520 – 9 Recovery Audits

Auditel takes Telecom Recovery Audits to the next level with GSA telecom recovery 520-9. We identify billing mistakes, order processing errors, overcharges, tariff violations, contract non compliances, overlooked rebates and discounts, unclaimed recovery of refunds, overpayment of taxes, and other surcharges. With our years of experience in correcting telecom invoices, and identifying overpayments clients realize highest recovery and refunds from service providers. We file the disputes with the Service Providers and work for our clients to track the recovery until it is received. Auditel delivers highest refunds with Proforma over $118 Million and counting.

With GSA 520-9 telecom recovery audits bring highest recovery. This comes from following the dispute, and negotiating the refund of overcharges with telecommunication vendors. This is an often frustrating and lengthy process. Very few telecom employees are expected to have the knowledge to read and translate thousands of USOCs.  Particularly various service types,tariffs and Classes of Service that make up the telecom billing charges. Auditel can determine if  Federal, State and Local surcharges and taxes billed accurately, and if not, request the refunds. With hundreds of different billing systems, formats, billing codes, particularly the constantly changing wired and wireless rate plans. Service Provider rates and plans are changing frequently, we find constant review is necessary.

Telecom expense errors may result from incorrect rates based upon established tariffs (tariff violations), duplicate payments, pricing errors, erroneous payments (invoices paid to incorrect vendor), overlooked rebates and discounts, unclaimed recovery of refunds, overpayment of taxes, and other surcharges. Auditel service identifies telecom billing errors, as well as tariff violations as we collect highest recovery.

We have proven results for over two decades in resolving disputes and recovering highest refunds from service providers. Our 520-9 GSA telecom recovery schedule brings experience, expertise & unique methodology set us apart, but customer service is the key to our success.