Auditel telecom expense management services


Telecom Inventory Management

Can telecom inventory management help to keep track of our telephone lines, data inventory, network, mobility and wireless inventory? Yes, Auditel telecom inventory management can help you track voice, phone and wireless services. Our wireless expense reports even capture all data services. To begin making a telecom inventory it’s important to gather every service provider invoice (paper and online). Start by putting together a list of all service locations.  Since each phone bill, data bill, and wireless bill contains a billing address that should help you.  Although the bill location can differ from the actual service address if your company has all telecom bills centralized. Billing accounts are a good place to start. In addition we also need to locate all the signed telecom agreements. Don’t forget to look fore paper and emailed contract addendums or updates.

Managing Inventory

How can I find out what telecom bills my company pays for monthly? Check with your Accounts Payable department to obtain each locations invoice.  If your telecom invoices have centralized billing the bills may be mailed to corporate HQ location.  Always make sure to locate all service provider invoices.  Furthermore, any accounts that are missed will make a big difference in your telecom inventory accuracy.

Wireless Inventory

What should I know about wireless inventory and mobile assets? Auditel starts each project by obtaining the telecom service information. This is the first step to building clients voice inventory, mobility and wireless inventory, and data inventory.  Knowing the service provider telecom contracts / service agreement start date and expiration date is key. But most don’t go the next step to research any contract termination clauses. This is a time period prior to contract expiration date that you must cancel the contract prior to renewal.  Most data and wireless telecom contracts include a contract renewal clause and termination clause.  It’s important to notify them in writing that you want to cancel service prior to automatic contract renewal.  Therefore, identifying the legal terms and conditions in each telecom contract is important. We analyze each wireless contract, or data contract to gain more insight and details within your mobile expense management services.

Telecom Contracts and Telecom Inventory Management

Why is it important to review telecom contracts? Every commercial legal contract should be reviewed by your legal department, or by a company specializing in telecom contract management, like Auditel. The Minimum Annual Revenue Commitment MARC has legal contract commitments. We need to verify Service Provider revenue commitments, service level clauses, and contract termination clauses. Reviewing legal terms and conditions, and expiration dates are also important. 

Telecom Contract Management Tips

So, to avoid telecom auto-renewal contract penalties and extra charges monthly look into obtaining a telecom inventory. Added contract details include telecom contract start date and expiration. Most telecom contracts include a contract renewal clause. To avoid penalties find the cancellation policy and time remaining prior to termination. Moreover, it is most important to notify the service provider in writing 30,60,90, or even 120 days prior to contract termination. Otherwise contract penalties will be levied and auto renewal of existing contract will occur.