Auditel's telecom expense management services


Telecommunication Consultant

Our telecom consulting advice will take all the questions out of telecom technology, and make it simple to understand telecom contracts for both wired and wireless telecom services.  Our trained in-house Telecommunication Consultants can save your company time, company resources, and improve your bottom line by up to 36% with no carrier changes required.  Also, with our telecom consulting you will notice the bill reductions and control you will obtain.  Appreciate long-term budget reductions and more control over your telecommunications than you’ve ever had before.

How long does it take for your telecommunication consultant services to show telecom savings?

Auditel provides telecom solutions that ensure your telecom department can run smoothly without any loss of services.  Moreover, our telecommunication consultant services bring the savings to your company fast and with very little client resources.  We do the recovery work for you with little or no help or support from your team.  We work together to bring maximum control and savings within telco invoices.  Furthermore, this helps keep your team in control of their optional recommendations before any orders are placed.  We show you the savings results and refunds with our invoice usually within three to six weeks!

How do you bill for Telecom Project Audits?

Telecom Project Audits are billed a success fee, also known as contingency based fee, or shared fees.  In fact, we only invoice your company a small percentage of the amount saved as our fee. We provide our project audits to give you the telecom inventory necessary to capture items and services where refunds and recoveries don’t apply. Items overlooked, duplicate services, closed locations, and unused features are only a few of the items included in our research. With your first approval to Auditel bill reductions and cost savings will begin. In most of the cases clients realize their savings before they pay us. Our success fee is only billed after savings are realized by your business.

Telecom Reporting Services – We provide detailed analytical reports for senior management and process owners. These telecom reports are generated on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis including validation

TEM Services

Auditel’s telecom consulting services provide telecom bill management for wired and wireless telecom services.  Bringing your business phone bill audits that provide complete control of your telecom invoices, eliminate late fees, removing billing errors, overcharges, and chaos.  Our traffic studies give your management the information needed to determine whether to add lines at facilities or disconnect them.  You gain a complete inventory of all lines and circuits at all locations. 

Tip `  Consider setting up online payments to reduce costs of processing your telecom invoices.

Contract Review

Auditel Telecom Team including our trained Telecom Consultants analyze the current Telecom Service Provider Service Agreements.  This includes all the various telecom contracts Minimum Annual Revenue Commitments (MARC), and SLA (Service Level Agreements).  Then our telecom consultants compare them with any revisions or addendums to the original signed agreements. We research and review the telco contract terms. Here are some items we highlight and discuss with our clients.

We don’t recommend carrier switch to save money unless there are service issues. It is very important not to choose a vendor solely on price.  

Tip ` Vendor service is very important!  Service up time is most important. Auditel will research the reliability of each Service Provider to determine their customer service, guaranteed bandwidth, maintenance, and reputation.  We go one step further, we contact several existing clients to validate any service issues they have had, and the carrier flexibility in managing their services. We ask them about their service outages, and if they’ve had any service delays with the Service Provider.

In fact, we can work with your team conducting a market analysis to give you all the latest technology, and compare it with your current services to obtain the best market pricing for maximum savings.

Keep your leverage by having more than one Service Provider. There is less risk for potential service outages with multiple Providers.

Tip ` Termination clauses are critical to understand in your Service Agreements. Beware of stiff penalties if termination is not to the letter of the agreement.

We review your contracts for maintenance clauses, equipment fees, service installation charges, monitoring, testing fees, warranties, and all payment, terms and conditions.

Does your Service Agreement mention any business changes, ramifications, or mergers?

Review all the fees assessed for multiple routing 800s, 800 # service fees, Dedicated and Switched 800# fees, Specific Time of Day Routing fees, Managed 800 routing fees, Access Charges, Paper billing fees, Managing toll free numbers, Management of the service level agreement. We can help you reduce these fees and charges.  Additionally, some fees and charges can sometimes be waived.

Auditel telecommunication consultants can review all Voice, Data, and Wireless telecom service contracts. We review all the provisions in your agreement entirely. In summary, we understand how to navigate telecom contracts and we help our clients obtain the best terms and best maintenance clauses.

Tip ` Now is the time for you to consider reviewing your contract to shave large percentages off your telecom budget.