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Telecom One Day Training – Accounts Payable

Our AP Department needs help to learn bill auditing, does Auditel have an Accounts Payable training course? Yes, Auditel has a Telecom One Day Training Accounts Payable Course.

When phone and telecom bills are paid internally by your Accounts Payable department there is a large opportunity for savings. Most companies don’t have a telecom bill auditor on staff and many business have never had a detailed telecom bill auditing. Your AP Department will not be able to identify tariff billing errors without telecom training.

Accounts Payable departments are under such time constraints that they hardly have time to verify the site information for the telephone invoice before the telephone or telecom bill is due. Moreover, the need to hold telephone bills over for research usually results in late payment fees. Auditel Accounts Payable telecom training will help your staff remove late fees from telecom invoices and we can teach them to obtain larger refunds with additional training.

Can Auditel help our AP team stop late fees from coming on our telecom bills?

Auditel telecom One Day Training Accounts Payable training will help your AP Dept. remove late fees from telecom invoices. Many corporations assume their AP Dept. staff has the knowledge and skills needed to audit their bills. However, those who do have time to review the bills often don’t have the necessary training to make the time spent as productive as it could be. Very few Accounts Payable personnel have the knowledge or tariff training to locate errors on their bills. However, even fewer of them have attended any training, or auditing workshops. With training your staff can locate telecom savings.

Telecom One Day Training Accounts Payable brings results!

With telecom training your Accounts Payable Department can remove the late fees from your telephone, wireless, MPLS, VOIP, SIP, internet, and data billings.  In addition to reducing your bottom line Auditel training trains your staff to identify tariff violations, order processing mistakes, tax and surcharge errors and even telecom fraud. Your company could be unprotected against telecom billing errors.

AP Telecom Skills

What are some skills needed by our Account Payable Department to run efficiently, be cost effective, and reduce telecom bills?

  1. An accurate inventory is helpful to easily verify service locations, billing number, and type of service. In fact, with an updated telecom inventory it’s easier to determine the services that belong to your business.  Knowing the accurate amount the services should bill for makes it simpler to pay the bills quickly. In addition to reducing late fee charges your office will be more efficient.
  2. Telecommunication bill consolidation will reduce the number of invoice AP must pay making less invoices to pay monthly. Furthermore, this will decrease the time spent on telecom bill payments. With less invoices to pay your AP Department will make faster payments.
  3. With basic telecom auditing skills your AP Department can save an average of 10% every month.
  4. Reduce billing mistakes prior to payments.
  5. Processing invoices faster can eliminate late fees.

What is covered in the Telecom One Day Training Accounts Payable training that brings telecom savings?

Auditel brings steps to better telecom inventory management. With a valid inventory your company will save time for the entire organization. Auditel helps students learn how to identify billing errors that can be overlooked. In addition, Auditel’s AP Training workshop teaches common invoice mistakes that should be avoided.  3rd Party Providers, Common Billing Errors Overlooked, telecom tax recovery, surcharges, and, or unknown fees. Last but not least, Telecom One Day Training Accounts Payable helps the AP department discover scams, slams, and cramming. Learning these usages will bring telecom savings and highest recovery into the AP Department.

You IT Department and Your Telecom Bills 

The phone bills and telecom bills are usually folded into the IT department. But, in a great many businesses the only people that ever actually see the telecom billing are the AP department staff. Auditel’s one-day accounts payable training is a great way to reduce your telecom billing overcharges and billing errors. While your staff AP won’t emerge as full-fledged billing auditors, your accounts payable team will learn how to spot telecom tariff billing errors they would not otherwise have been able to do.

More on AP Staff Training

Your AP staf can do so much more with our telecom bill training can enable them to avoid costly late fees by eliminating the need to set bills aside for research. Now with our AP training, they will be able to identify some of the issues that cause these bottlenecks. They will learn about rate violations, surcharge, tax and fee errors, and even fraudulent charges from slamming or cramming. In additioa, they’ll learn about bill consolidation to streamline payment operations and how to keep an accurate inventory with all the pertinent information for quick reference and confirmation. Moreover, with basic auditing skills, your accounts payable team can have a dramatic effect on telecom expense reduction.

Additional telecom training is available.