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Telecom Outsourcing

What is outsourcing and Why do Companies Outsource Telecom?

Outsourcing is obtaining services or products outside of your company. In order to reduce expenses many businesses have reached outside of their company to get help and skills they don’t possess internally. This process of outsourcing is called business process outsourcing or BPO. So, why do business outsource telecom? We think it’s for the added benefits they receive. Business managers appreciate the added vision over their entire telecom spend. We can hear first-hand the excitement when we find large telecom refunds. Since Auditel is a telecom business process outsourcing company. Why do companies outsource? To reduce overhead and gain a skill or product from another firm, it can be very profitable, and value makes sense.

What is telecom business process outsourcing?

Telecom business process outsourcing is when a business outsources parts or entire telecom process to free up their internal resources. The telecom expense management can be done off site with monthly reporting. Most companies keep the telecom accounts payable potion inhouse, but many outsource the entire telecom department by utilizing BPO’s or telecom outsourcing firms.

Does your business have the best Telecom Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing BPO Services?

Auditel can provide a risk free expense management solution we call telecom outsourcing on a contingency basis. There are no fees unless your company receives telecom recovery or telecom savings. Try our telecom expense management contract review too. This BPO checkup can provide your company with telecom reports showing if there are telecom refunds and telecom savings that have been missed by your BPO or TEM provider. There is no cost for this telecom BPO service unless our business process outsource company delivers results.

Why are so many business choosing to outsource their telecom management?

In today’s business climate, in order to reduce telecom expenses many businesses have reached outside of their company to get help with telecom expense management. Telecom Outsourcing is also known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Business choose outsourcing as a way to improve profitability by bringing in skilled resources so that internal resources can continue key business services. Some companies use business process outsourcing as a way to increase positions that are not part of their core business. Sometimes companies use telecom outsourcing due to the need for special area of expertise with no intercompany staff with capabilities to fulfill the position. With our specialized telecom outsourcing services business can utilize additional resources off-site to improve productivity and profitability

So, contact Auditel today we can show you why our company is one of the top BPO companies for telecom outsourcing.

More on Telecom Outsourcing

What are some telecom services that are outsourced?

Business Process Outsourcing of telecom services is rapidly expanding into services that include telecom optimization for voice, fixed wired services, wireless services, local trunks, circuits, VOIP, SIP, MPLS, old frame relay services, LD services and data services like SD-Wan. Additionally, contract negotiation, telecom contract review, telecom contract penalties, telecom bill processing, telecom auditing, telecom policy management, wireless plan optimization, wireless device management, wireless helpdesk, network optimization, and telephone maintenance including adds, moves, and changes.

Risk Free Telecom Evaluation

Can Auditel perform outsourcing telecom evaluation services risk free?

Auditel BPO reviews telecommunication outsourcing. Our BPO checkup brings more information including telecom service analysis and analytics, and any BPO modifications needed.  We audit your current outsourcing project and give you an unbiased report on the effectiveness of your BPO project to determine if you are getting what you are paying for, or just paying a fee for outsourcing services that could be lacking.  Satisfaction comes from testing, service inspection and reliability. Auditel wants to be your business process outsourcing company.

Since Auditel BPO provides telecom training, and testing, let us evaluate your business telecommunication outsourcing project and give you the results.  If we don’t find savings, or telecom recovery then we don’t charge a fee. Our company works on a contingency fee and only invoices our clients based on actual savings.  What a great deal to get a service inspection and telecom BPO evaluation. Auditel telecom outsourcing will perform a validation and verification that services are being billed at optimum efficiency. Find out what our clients say about Auditel review of telecommunication outsourcing results.

Auditel Inc. telecommunications bill audit and service inspection with telecom evaluation provides solutions for all business telecom billing including:


Auditel Contingency Fee Telecom Outsourcing Services

Additionally, we can provide telecom auditing on a risk-free contingency basis. Our fees come from actual savings we obtain. Moreover, if no savings are found, then there is no fee for our service.  Auditel provides outsourcing telecom evaluation for large business projects that would require your company to maintain a staff of 6 to 10 professional telecom experts.  So, when you need a large telecom project completed fast, you can either outsource the project meet your job requirements, or select Auditel telecom workshop training. If your company doesn’t want to invest the time or expense in telecom training, then consider telecom evaluation and service inspection to go behind your outsourcing services.  We call it the telecom BPO checkup. So, Auditel telecom outsourcing can cut your telecom expenses and improve your outsourcing and BPO services. In summary, Auditel telecom audit services are accurate and we exceed our clients service requirements.

Take the Auditel challenge?

The Auditel challenge is about showing your how technology changes. We do the work and analysis so that you can work on your job and manage it better by taking control of telecom invoices. We do our best to find mistakes that lead to refunds and telecom savings too. Locating telecom expenses and their fees is only part of the options we deliver. Moreover, the Auditel challenge results in a deeper review of telecom expenses.

The Auditel challenge brings telecom expense control back to you. By giving you a full view of your business phone bills, data, and wireless expenses including contracts. With the Auditel challenge we discover ways to bring refunds and savings and give you the options. It’s not just invoice calculations that we monitor but also the telecom tariff, taxes, the exemptions that your business could take that has never been explained to you. Auditel wants to be your business process outsourcing company, so call us today at 800-473-5655.

Why do Companies Outsource?

We’ve found companies outsource for a variety of reasons, but mostly to learn from outside resources and gain expertise. n some companies this helps reduce headcount, and related expenses. Certainly it also helps concentrate resources on core business strengths.

We found this question on the web and wanted to share with you. Which of the following is the primary reason why companies outsource?

*To increase knowledge from outside sources of expertise and learn more.

Tap outside sources of expertise.
Reduce headcount and related expenses.
Better manage the costs of internal processes
Concentrate resources on core business

Which is the least common reason why companies outsource? To better manage the cost of internal processes.