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GSA Telecom Services

Auditel GSA Telecom Services (General Services Administration) include both Telecom Auditing and Telecom Training

GSA Telecom Services: Telecommunications Audit & Financial Training Services – GSA Schedule 520-14 Auditel telecommunications GSA telecom training courses are workshops, not lectures or seminars. We teach our telecom training workshops in single day courses, in addition to our five day Auditel phase workshop courses for professionals. These telecom audit workshops are hands-on, in-depth workshop training sessions using actual bills and real-life situations. Whether conducted at your site or one of ours, we teach your staff to ferret out errors, communicate with providers and get the highest recovery and savings you deserve.

Auditel General Services Administration GSA telecom training workshops are designed specifically for the Telecom Manager, Telecom Staff, Telecom Analyst, IT Dept., MIS Dept., Finance Dept., and Purchasing Department. These GSA telecom training workshops bring the highest recovery and savings. Our telecom expense management workshop training on GSA Schedule 520-14, will put your staff in control of your telecom expenses. Learn the various telecom contract skills from our Basic, Intermediate, and Expert level workshop training courses. Learn how to audit telephone and telecom bills then compare all your carrier’s rates and features. Step by step procedures for accurate record keeping.

Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) FSC Group 520 – 9 Telecom Recovery Audits

Auditel takes Telecom Recovery Audits to the next level with General Services Administration GSA telecom recovery 520-9. We identify billing mistakes, order processing errors, overcharges, tariff violations, contract non compliances, overlooked rebates and discounts, unclaimed recovery of refunds, over payment of taxes, and other surcharges. Auditel has over 29 years of experience in correcting telecom invoices and identifying over payments. Our clients realize the highest recovery and refunds from service providers. We file the disputes with the Telecom Service Providers and work for our clients to track the recovery until it is received. Auditel delivers highest refunds with Proforma over $125 Million and counting.

520 – 9 Recovery Audits

With GSA 520-9 telecom recovery audits bring highest recovery. This comes from following the dispute, and negotiating the refund of overcharges with telecommunication vendors. This is an often frustrating and lengthy process. Very few telecom employees are expected to have the knowledge to read and translate thousands of USOCs.  Particularly various service types, tariffs and Classes of Service that make up the telecom billing charges. Auditel can determine if  Federal, State and Local surcharges and taxes billed accurately, and if not, request the refunds. With hundreds of different billing systems, formats, billing codes, particularly the constantly changing wired and wireless rate plans. Service Provider rates and plans are changing frequently, and we find that constant review is necessary.

Learn how to recover savings overlooked monthly by understanding the various GSA telecom services listed:

1. Wired Services, not only Data Circuits, Local Telephone Bills, Long Distance Invoices, MPLS and Data Invoices, managed data service invoices, but managed information services (MIS) as well. 2. Wireless Invoices, as well as Cellular, wireless phones, mobile devices, mobility, mobility, data cards, laptops, and tablets, Internet (IP):SIP, and VOIP to name a few. 3. Invoice and Bill Dispute Resolution 4. Telecom solutions, and telecom recovery strategies bring highest recovery through credits and refunds 5. Tariff Investigations on billing errors, and overcharges, as well as highest recoveries and refunds.  Auditel five day workshops are separated into three different phases. Phase 1Phase 2 & Phase 3. Please check our GSA telecom training workshop rates or contact us directly.

GSA Telecom Service Improvement

Does your team need a refresher course, particularly to ensure expertise in identifying and recovering all overcharges and errors? The highest recovery and savings come from Auditel telecom training workshops.  Does your department want to increase wireless and wired knowledge of telecom tariff auditing, bill reconciliation, and analysis? This course will Increase proficiency, for example using accurate order placement, contract review, and contract suitability.  With telecom skills, process, and guidelines your staff and management will realize highest recovery and savings.


Auditel GSA telecom services provide testing within your existing telecom departments, besides giving telecom management skills with in-depth reviews to measure employee’s proficiency.