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Mobile Device Management Policy

What is mobile device management policy?

It’s not enough to monitor your internal business data and keep IT data secure. Companies need to know what mobile devices they are paying for and avoid getting side swiped by the unknown. Auditel can set up a company mobile device management policy to give your IT Department insight into all the smartphone, tablet, and mobile phones.  Whether you company chooses BYOD, COPE, or CYOD it’s important to setup the best mobile device management policy to fit your employees needs.

Choosing the best Mobile Device Management Policy Company

To maintain the best use of your IT management resources consider outsourcing  your mobile device management.  Defining a clear and detailed mobile management policy is a big decision for any company. But which mobile device plan is right for your company? That is the ultimate decision. Choosing the best mobile device policy management company will increase IT productivity.

IT Department and Mobile Device Management Policy

Although mobile devices bring value and increase productivity, your IT Department can’t spend all their time working on tracking mobile devices, managing mobile device agreements, checking monthly device invoices, collecting usages, and keeping up with the current plans and contribute to their current job functions. With the growth of mobile devices also is the need for mobile device management policy.

Auditel will review your current mobile invoices and create a mobile device inventory.  We check your mobile agreements to ensure billing is accurate and file disputes for discrepancies.  Additionally we detect any waste and deliver options for savings on any unexpected fees.  Our mobile device management policy, make recommendations that will improve security.  It’s much more than just recommending basic device safety measures such as enforcing minimum device passcode settings on all  mobile devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets.  Some policy management steps such as the setup of secure management of employee app can be access policy across all devices.

Auditel can help your company develop, implement and enforce corporate mobile device management policy. With Auditel mobile device management includes mobile devices, Android, IOS, Smartphones, laptops, and various handheld devices.