Auditel telecom expense management services


Telecom Cost Reduction

Telecom cost reduction and wireless cost management services and expertise will eliminate and remove the mistakes in business telecom invoices. We work on our client’s behalf to file telecom expense reduction disputes with Service Providers. These telecom disputes come from mistakes, tariff issues, tax exemptions, inaccurate invoices, and inadvertent over payments. Next, we recover these telecom refunds from the service providers. Does your Non Profit organization claim all the tax exemptions you are allowed? Odds are, we can deliver more exemptions and deliver more telecom cost reductions that equal monthly savings.

What kind of errors are in telecom costs?

Our teams of Professionals uncover mistakes deep within telecom services to include fixed lines, wired circuits, wireless, smartphones, mobile phones, data cards, 5G, 4G, MPLS, VOIP, SD-Wan, and internet services. Even though these errors may be the result of fraud, cramming, slamming, incorrect taxes, or additional surcharges applied we provide detailed telecom reports with proof of savings found in each telecom refund check or credit.

With full investigation and proven telecom cost reduction techniques, we eliminate any questions in your telecom bills. We produce the checks and credits that appear quickly and without guesswork. Auditel locates over payments made to telecom service providers, and vendors.  Additionally, these may be the result of incorrect rates based upon established telecom tariffs (tariff violations), duplicate payments, pricing errors, erroneous payments, or overlooked telecom refunds.

Telecom Cost Reduction and Telecom Taxes

Additionally, we provide telecom tax management among other services.  Telecom tax recovery audits involve manual review of telecom taxes associated with telecom expenses. A client with Pan-American presence can be subjected to several state and federal tax obligations. This can become quite complex, cumbersome, expensive and almost impossible for a client to track in-house with multi-location situations.  Let Auditel telecom cost reduction service work for your business with no out of pocket expense! Learn more phone and technology terms that we use to save your company money in our tech glossary.

Can you give more info on Auditel telecom expense reduction services?

Auditel experienced telecom analysts have the knowledge and resources needed to give accurate telecom expense reduction services. Further, we take all the challenge and guesswork out of your telecom services and contracts. The Auditel team has some of the best telecom professionals in the industry. In fact, each has the skills necessary to bring the highest value to our clients telecoms services.

Can you name some other benefits in Telecoms Management?

Telecoms management includes wireless and wired service optimization, fixed and wireless contract compliance, telecom billing consolidation, and centralized landline and wireless invoice consolidation. Furthermore, Auditel professionals manage and control expenses by staying current with technology updates giving our business clients insight into all voice, digital and analog services.  Technology updates are important to growing business. We keep our clients updated on all the telecom service impacting changes in the industry including any new telecom discounts and options available. This will maximize expenses and continue to bring telecom expense reduction management for both wired and wireless services. Also visit our tech glossary.

Does Auditel setup wireless protection policy and/or benchmarking procedures?

Auditel can build your wireless policy plan for recapture of lost savings as well as mobile cost reductions.  Auditel will set up wireless benchmarks and mobility policy for added wireless protection and security against fraud and misuse. Furthermore, Auditel telecom expense reduction will locate the flaws or weakness in the telecom network and the wireless security infrastructure. Our telecom analysis optimizes existing network utilization while checking the wireless inventory.  While this tests the usage of services used against telecom services billed it’s vital for optimization. Wireless and mobile technology is constantly changing and can be very challenging. Wireless benchmarking and mobile policy are a must. We recommend checking with your IT Management team to see if your business has a mobility policy or benchmarking procedures in place, then call Auditel.

How can Auditel help us manage our telecom costs?

Our risk free telecom cost management truly works.  Auditel delivers telecom expense reduction and savings for voice, data, air-cards, hotspots, VOIP, MPLS, SD-Wan, internet, and all wireless services. Altogether, we deliver the highest telecom recovery and serious telecom cost reductions to your business budget.

Auditel’s telecom expense reduction service approach to telecommunications management solutions is unique.  To summarize, our Telecom Analyst drill down into your monthly telecom bills giving the best telecom cost reduction, and expense reduction solutions available. Also, check out our technology glossary and telecoms dictionaryand all of our telecoms services.