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Telecom Recovery Audits

What is telecom recovery audits?

Telecom recovery audits include a historical review of client telecom bills.  We’ve found most telecom bills include mistakes and overcharges.  Auditel performs a detailed analysis of telecom service providers contract terms.  We deliver highest telecom recovery. This comes from incorrectly billed tariff, mistakes, and overcharges. Additionally, recovery also comes from contract non-compliances.  Auditel cancels fees for fixed or landline services, or wireless services that are no longer in use to prevent future invoicing. Auditel eliminates expenses for non-required telecom features. We ensure accurate billing of future invoices from telecom service providers. Auditel reviews existing telecom contracts to validate all agreed upon terms and conditions.

Can you tell me what percentage of telecom bills can contain telecom billing errors and possible telecom refunds?

CFO magazine reported (based on research by Aberdeen) that telecom service expenses are in error at a staggering 7% to 12% of spend; a figure resulting in $8 Billion dollars a year in lost profits for Fortune 500 companies alone. Another study from Gartner found that 85% of telecom invoices have billing errors. Auditel has found even higher margins of billing errors in our phone bill recovery audits, and wireless recovery audits, and we can deliver proof using your telecom bills as a matrix.

What type of findings and errors can we expect with Auditel telecom recovery audits?

The Auditel team identifies hidden mistakes that have billed for many years. These mistakes can usually found deep within the telecom invoices. They can also be found in the surcharges and telecom taxes. Frequently, this occurs where old cancelled services weren’t removed during earlier service cancellations.  However, the telecom service errors may be found in invoices from contract non compliances.  This occurs if the service provider didn’t follow the contract terms and conditions to the letter of the law.

Auditel findings can be located within fixed lines, wired circuits, wireless, smartphones, mobile phones, data cards, MPLS, VOIP, SD-Wan, and internet services. For instance, telecom errors may be the result of fraud, cramming, slamming, incorrect taxes, or additional surcharges applied. We provide detailed telecom reports with proof of savings found in each telecom refund check or credit. With full investigation and proven techniques, we eliminate any questions. We produce the checks and credits that appear quickly and without guesswork. We identity overcharges within your telecom invoices as we produce the maximum telecom dispute resolution.

Can telecom taxes be reviewed in telecom recovery audits?

Auditel has developed high levels of telecom tax recovery and surcharge knowledge which allows us to conduct “go behind” telecom audits.  Clients are happy when Auditel finds “leftover” telecom refunds hidden in client telecom billings.  These are Auditel discoveries after another auditing company has completed their telecom audit months prior.  Even our competitors bring telecom audits to us for review to see if we can deliver more telecom recovery or savings once they have completed their work.  After providing telecom audit services for the past 27 years our audit services and client base still continue to grow and expand. risk free telecom recovery with highest proven savings performance.

Contingency based telecom recovery audits bring No risk or investment! Just imagine having a CPA audit, analyze, and review telecom contract terms and conditions, telecom invoices, and services… then only pay for a portion of the refund after receipt.

What is part of a telecom tax audit?

Telecom tax audits involve manual review of taxes associated with telecom expenses. A client with International presence may have several tax obligations. Although these telecom recovery audits can become quite complex, cumbersome, expensive and almost impossible for a client to track in-house with multi-location situations. Let Auditel telecom recovery audits work for your business with no out of pocket expense!  Auditel delivers the highest telecom recovery.

How are telecom refunds and savings obtained for wireless cost management?

Auditel conducts a full telecom recovery audits of all wireless services. We start by locating the wireless accounts and wireless contracts, including the legal terms and conditions. Additionally, we also check any minimum annual revenue commitments (MARC) on revenue, the contract expiration, and contract termination clauses.

Our wireless expense investigation goes further as we investigate all the telecom services for each mobile device, smartphone usage, data usages, and compare these usages with the service agreement.  We then review the complete wireless contract terms and conditions, the client adherence to contract compliance, any factors or issues with meeting current agreements volume revenue, including any service issues encountered during the agreement. When we locate mistakes, overcharges, and tariff violations, we file telecom disputes for them along with any telecom errors or wireless overcharges found during our historical review of the mobile invoices.

What type of recovery service does Auditel conduct telecom audits for?

Telecom Recovery, wireless recovery, landline recovery, wireless bill recovery, telecom tax recovery, phone bill recovery. In addition, VOIP recovery, MPLS recovery, SD-Wan Recovery, data bill recovery, wireless bill recovery, and landline bill recovery.

We also provide telecom training with our audits. Your team will appreciate the extra telecomknowledge. Auditel telecom news is loaded with FCC latest news. We will keep you up to date on the latest FCC Refunds regarding Service Provider lawsuits along with their settlements.

Risk Free Assessment with the Auditel Challenge

In summary, Auditel provides the best pricing, risk free telecom recovery on a contingency basis. We have the highest telecom recovery performance.  Take the Auditel Challenge and find out if there are any telecom disputes that will bring large telecom recovery in your bills.