Auditel telecom expense management services


Telecom Analysis

Auditel Telecom Analysis and Telecom Analytics bring maximum Telecom Savings and Telecom Refunds.

Many claim to bring maximum telecom savings, but our telecom analysis of your businesses digital spend includes a multi-dimensional proven process. This process is the most effective way to gain greater accuracy, more options, solid results from 30 years of telecom analysis experience. So, Auditel has the best and most powerful telecom analytic research.

Our clients don’t need to buy unnecessary telecom expense management software, further, we include data reports of digital telecom spend that includes telecom inventory with our audits. With Auditel telecom inventory clients can also manipulate the telecom reports.

Our Telecom Analytic Team works through the forensicdetails internally, with bolt-on deeper telecom analysis, such as more efficient steps to bring maximum results and delivery of historical telecom recovery. We’ve seen other telecom expense management (TEM) company deliverables, in fact, we can prove our telecom analysis services are superior through a “go behind audit”.

How does Auditel bring telecom cost reduction and lower telecom fees?

Our Telecom Expense Management expertise and phone bill auditing services give added security to our clients’ IT and Telecom Departments. We provide telephone and telecom bill consolidation which reduces the number of bills with centralized telecom billing. By optimizing the telecom invoices we actually lower the telecom budget. Also giving them all the telecom inventory services they need for optimal performance and maximum telecom savings.

Our telecom analysis with “drill down” and “bolt on” technology that also provide multi-dimensional methodology. Since Auditel telecom analytics uncover mistakes, optimize telecom services, and capture unused phone services. We remove fees overcharged in telecom, internet, Voice, and Data, in addition to wireless services. We review and perform telecom analysis on all domestic and international phone bill rates, mobile plans, fees, usages, features, taxes, regulatory fees, surcharges, and service charges. So, Auditel delivers telecom cost reduction and invoice recapture. Furthermore, Auditel fee is only a percentage of the realized savings.

Auditel provides a detailed analysis of wireless, landline, internet, long distance, local, in addition to data circuits. So, our telecom audits produce savings above 36%. Auditel telecom bill expense reduction requires NO carrier or provider changes. Check out our telecom terms and glossary to learn more on the changes in technology today.

Our telecommunication expense management services include:

Telecom Invoice Consolidation for: telephone, circuits, data, wireless, internet, conference, VOIP, long distance, and SIP
Telecom Traffic studies, Circuit reports, Device Line and Usage Analysis, and various Telecom Expense Management Reports
Determine line usage – under provisioning, over-provisioned lines, circuits, and telecom networks
Carrier Access Billing Systems – CABS auditing
Call Detail Records – CDR analysis
Customer Service Records – CSR review and analysis
telecom cost reduction telecom cost management analysis and telecom reporting
RFP, RFQ, RFI for telecom contract management and negotiation
Detailed telecom management reports

What services does Auditel analyze?
Since it’s impossible to list all the services Auditel provides on one page, here are a few.  Auditel provides telecom inventory management, telecom analysis, and assessment of:

Wireless device, I-phone, Smartphones,
Mobile Phones, Wireless Data Cards, mobile hotspots, tablets
Data Network
Wireless Internet Network, WISP, VOIP, SIP
PRI (Primary Rate ISDN)
Long Distance
Local Carrier Lines
SD-Wan compared with VPN, MPLS
T1, DS1, DS3, SONET, OP3 circuits

Auditel Telecom Analysis that Changes Corporate Budget

Although telecom surcharges have risen over 20% across the wireless provider networks, so have most phone and mobile invoices. Stay updated monthly with the latest wireless cost reduction options, discounts, as well as the latest technological information on telecommunication contracts to realize largest savings. Moreover, Auditel telecom analysis delivers maximum results. For example with many clients reducing their total telecom spend over 36%.

Auditel delivers telecom inventory management training, telecom bill optimization, telecom bill consolidation, telecom digital spend, and billing analysis, contract compliance, in addition to telecom reports. Our telecom analytics are known worldwide for delivering the highest telecom savings, and telecom recovery. Our telecom analysis works from our findings within the telecom bill to obtain savings as we deliver the options available for telecom savings, refunds and recoveries.

So, take the Auditel challenge and find out what is inside your telecom invoices, expenses, taxes, surcharges and all telecom services from all Service Providers. No risk assessment with nothing to lose. Call us today 800-473-5655.