Auditel telecom expense management services


Auditel Clients

Auditel clients brought us through 26 years in business. The entire Auditel Team extends a warm thank you to all of our telecom clients, including many not listed.

The following Auditel clients are currently using, or have realized savings using our telecom expense management services, telecom recovery services, telecom auditing and wireless auditing services, telecom cost management, service process provisioning, telecom consulting, outsourcing review, or telecom workshop training .

We have received so many nice letters and emails from excited clients when they realize large telecom recovery and telecom savings. Some telecom clients write quick emails, while others send nice thank you letters commenting on their customer satisfaction. Customer service is perhaps the most important part of our business. Some customer letters are regarding our “go behind” audit service. These Auditel clients discuss the telecom recovery we located, that was missed by other firms. We appreciate all the feedback from our telecom clients.  Auditel works diligently to bring efficient, best in class, audit services. Auditel celebrates our clients, they have kept us in business over the past 26 years!

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